At HPC we believe in full disclosure and follow a transparent contract negotiation process. As the individual earning the wage, we believe it is your right to know how that wage is being determined. We will openly inform you of every cost associated with your placement and are always available to answer your questions honestly.

Application and Assessment

Once you have filled out our online application that informs us of your work history, skills, and assignment preferences, a Career Placement Specialist will contact you and further assess your talents and interests. This assessment will determine the specialty, assignment type, and location that best suits you. Your Career Placement Specialist will always be available for contact and able to answer your questions or inform you of available nursing positions.

HPC’s Quality Department

In addition to your Career Placement Specialist, you will also work with our Quality Department. This department is composed of a staff that is dedicated to ensuring that the paperwork and credentials associated with your nursing assignment are handled with efficiency and precision. Our Quality Department takes care of anything from your BLS to verification of employment and references so that you can concentrate on what you do best. It can be overwhelming to keep track of credentials, expiration dates, etc.; and we realize the importance of these items in ensuring you proper placement and seamless transition.

Housing for Travel Nurses

As professionals in travel nursing, HPC knows that finding the proper housing for an assignment can be a stressful and daunting task—that’s why we are here to help every step along the way.

Our team of professionals is happy to arrange comfortable, safe, and convenient housing close to your assignment destination. HPC can set up utilities and provide you with furnishings and other amenities if they are needed. We understand the importance of having the comforts of home away from home and want you to feel taken care of. For those who prefer to find their own housing, HPC can provide you with a housing allowance based on the federal tax per diem rates for your placement city.

Lastly, HPC provides a 24/7 call line for all of our nursing professionals to handle any questions or issues that may arise related to your housing.

During Your Placement

HPC’s team of professionals will never leave you feeling stranded on your assignment. We follow a concierge-based approach for our travel nurses. You will have access to one of our team members at any time—day or night—for any issues that may arise related to your assignment. For urgent clinical issues, we have a Chief Executive Nurse available 24/7.

When your current assignment comes to a close, HPC will consult with you about your options for continuing your assignment or finding a new one. We believe in providing our nursing professionals seamless travel nursing employment opportunities. You take care of others; we take care of you!

Our constant focus is to provide our nursing professionals with exceptional opportunities in healthcare, always treating you with honesty, integrity and respect. Read more about HPC’s guiding principles.