What is the housing allowance program?

The Internal Revenue Service has identified specific requirements for a taxpayer to qualify for the Housing Allowance Program. To be eligible for the program, two conditions must be met:

  1. The assignment must be considered temporary: a job that has both an anticipated and actual duration of less than one year. To further clarify, you are expected to return to your permanent residence within one year of assignment start.
  2. A permanent tax residence must be identified. The travel assignment (principle place of work) must be in a separate location from the permanent residence and require travel to and from, plus living expenses. The traveler must maintain (financially contribute to) the permanent residence. Reimbursement is for duplicate expenses only.

After consulting with your tax advisor and clarifying the above requirements, you will complete a form to notify HPC that you are eligible and wish to participate in the plan.

What are my options for housing while on an assignment with Health Providers Choice?

You may wish to utilize the HPC tax advantage plan where you receive a tax-free housing allowance for you to provide your own housing during your assignment. Or, you may opt to have Health Providers Choice provide you with housing options in the location you desire. We do the research for you! You NEVER have to find the apartment, utilities, and furniture all by yourself. We strive to meet every request you present. However, due to limited housing in some areas, your options may be limited.

To obtain more information on the Federal Tax Per-diem please visit:

What am I responsible for when utilizing HPC’s housing options?

Be sure to report housing damages! Prior to accepting a housing arrangement, you will be required to perform a walk through with the housing representative at the site. It is very important to document any damages identified. Upon completion of your assignment and prior to your departure, you will be required to perform another inspection with the housing representative. The purpose of this is to protect you from damage liability. A move-in checklist form will be provided to be used for these inspections. We trust you will respect the property. If damage occurs, please notify Health Providers Choice immediately.

You will receive a full lease and the housing site’s regulations prior to move-in. It is your responsibility to follow them. Any maintenance requests should go through the housing management. If he/she is unable to resolve your issues, feel free to get our Housing Department involved.

Will I be responsible for paying for my utilities?

We will, at your request, attempt to find an apartment where all utilities are included but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If this is not possible, Health Providers Choice can set-up your utilities and provide them for you as part of your housing package. However, unless it is included with the lease, HPC does not cover cable and/or internet services. You will be responsible for setting up your cable and internet service upon your arrival.

When do I have to vacate the provided housing?

You will have 48 hours to vacate housing following the last day listed on your contract. Apartment complexes are not like hotels. They will charge you for trash removal and cleaning. Please make sure that you always leave the provided housing in the same condition as you found it. You will also need to return all keys and passes to the housing management. Failure to comply with apartment complex vacancy policies may result in a forfeiture of some of all of your security deposit as well as your final travel reimbursement or completion bonus. It will be your responsibility to pay for any charges for damage, missing items, or cleaning fees. These additional charges may be deducted from your final paycheck.

What should I bring for my home away from home?

Every housing situation will require you to bring different items. Some apartments will include only major appliances, while other apartments will offer you everything from dishes to linens. Our Housing Department will find out what is offered for you in the apartment and provide you with a detailed list. It is always a good idea to bring some things with you that give you that comfortable feeling of being home.

If I do not like the housing provided can I upgrade my housing?

Since you have housing of your choice, you also have the choice to upgrade any of the products or services you rent. It will be your responsibility to pay any and all additional costs for upgrading.

Can I bring my pet?

Make sure if you are traveling with a pet that the arrangements are made well in advance. If the housing department is aware that you have a pet there will be special consideration given so that it will be a good experience for you and your pet.

Some housing complexes allow pets and others do not. The housing complexes that do allow pets usually impose size and weight restrictions. A pet deposit is usually required and at all times an additional monthly pet fee is charged. You will be responsible for payment of pet deposit and any pet related fee. No pets are allowed unless prior arrangements are made with Health Providers Choice and the housing manager.

Can my family travel with me?

Yes, your family may travel with you but you will be responsible for any additional costs. Every family is different, but these are a few simple guidelines that have worked for other nurses:

  • If needed and possible for you, travel with a child care provider- take along someone to care for the children if they are small and in need of constant care- a spouse, sister, mother or friend who would like to see the country with you.
  • Home school works- take your children to see the country!
  • Ask your recruiter to assist you in making arrangements for schooling in the location of your contract. Contracts can be arranged for an entire semester or any length of time you desire.
  • Travel to locations where you have family to help you with the children.

Does HPC offer professional liability insurance/workers comp?

All HPC field staff employees are covered under professional liability insurance. We also offer workers compensation. During HPC orientation, your recruiter will review the correct process to follow if you are ever injured while at work.

What healthcare insurance do you offer?

We offer BCBS Medical, Delta Dental, and EyeMed vision insurance. Visit our benefits page(hyperlink to benefits page) for details on our insurance plans.

Do you offer insurance day one?

Insurance begins day one of your assignment with HPC.

Do you offer free CEUs?

We offer free CEUs to all full-time employees. If you need CEUs, let your recruiter know and you will be issued a continuing education gift card that is eligible to be used toward all of the courses found at CE Direct, Nurse.com and ContinuingEducation.com.

What are meals and incidentals?

As a travel nurse, if you meet certain criteria designated by the IRS, you are eligible for per diem which is an allowance for lodging, meals, and incidentals during your assignment. Meals and incidentals (M&IE) is the daily amount designated by the IRS that is intended to cover the cost of food and other incidentals. The daily meals and incidentals amount will change depending on the location in which you are working in as a travel nurse. For more information on per diem, visit the U.S. General Services Administration website.