Am I an employee or independent contractor?

Agency personnel employed by Health Providers Choice are classified as employees not independent contractors or self-employed individuals. It is the responsibility of the employee to contact HPC at the conclusion of every travel contract for reassignment. Health Providers Choice prepares and mails employees’ Federal W-2 forms on or before January 31 of each year.

As an employee of Health Providers Choice you cannot accept fees or other payment from patients or facilities. You cannot accept compensation directly from the facility unless specified in the terms between you and Health Providers Choice.

What is taxable income?

W-4’s are issued at hire and when a change is requested. We will deduct the appropriate taxes according to the number of deductions identified on your W-4 form. Any changes in your W-4 are to be communicated to us.

In addition to the W-4 taxes, a state tax for the state in which you are working will be deducted if appropriate. Depending on the city and state, the tax rate may vary. Please make sure you verify your rate.

Health Providers Choice does multi-state and multi-jurisdiction tax deductions. Sign-on, completion, and referral bonuses, when issued, will be taxed, since this is considered additional income.

What is non-taxable income?

Approved reimbursements for some types of expenses are not taxed provided a receipt or cancelled check is sent to us. If proof of a permanent tax residency form is on file with Health Providers Choice, subsidy/housing allowance will not be taxed per IRS guidelines and will be reimbursed as duplicate expenses incurred while on assignment per your assignment terms.

How do I cash my check?

You have two options for receiving your paycheck: regular mail and direct deposit. Typically, checks are sent out via regular postal mail every Thursday. Health Providers Choice will not be responsible for delays in the delivery service. The second option is to have your check deposited directly into your account with the respective pay stub being sent to an address of your choice via regular mail. The most effective mode of payroll delivery is direct deposit.

If you open a bank account in the area of your new assignment, please check with the institution to determine the availability of your funds. If the payroll check is from out of state, banks often require a grace period (typically up to 5 days) before the check will clear or the direct deposit funds are available. Always be prepared with two (2) forms of identification (driver’s license and major credit card).

What is the pay period?

Health Providers Choice operates on a weekly pay period. The week starts 7:00 a.m. shift on Sunday and ends at the end of 11:00 p.m. shift on the following Saturday. Some facilities require the traveler to adhere to their pay period schedule however your payroll will always be based on Health Providers Choice’s pay period. Ask your recruiter when in doubt.

When are time sheets due?

Time sheets are due every Monday before 4:00 p.m. for the previous pay period. Time sheets turned in after the Monday 4:00 p.m. deadline are considered late. These will be processed with the following weeks’ time sheets. Please turn in your time sheets on time. Do not wait until last minute. Time sheets are considered legal documents and should be treated like legal documents. Make sure that your timecard is legible and accurate. Never modify an old timecard with an existing signature.

When will pay checks be distributed?

Direct Deposit checks should reach your account on Friday. Funds should be available at this time. If you choose to have your checks mailed they will be mailed out on Thursday.

What can delay my pay check?

Your paycheck may be delayed for several reasons:

  • Time sheet not turned in on time.
  • Time sheet filled out incompletely, inaccurately, or illegibly.
  • Time sheet discrepancy with facility system of record.
  • Time sheets not signed by yourself or facility.
  • Required credentials not properly documented with Health Providers Choice.

Whenever possible, Health Providers Choice will contact you to inform you of the reason(s) your paycheck will be delayed. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to correct the circumstances delaying your paycheck before you can be paid.

How do I distribute my time sheets?

Time sheets consist of a sheet of paper that must be completed and signed for each work week assignment. It is important to remember, even if a copy is to be turned into Health Providers Choice, another copy must be left at the facility, and you must keep a copy for your personal records. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR COPY! It is your responsibility to produce your personal copy if the payroll department cannot find a time sheet. Time sheets may be dropped off at any of the Health Providers Choice offices (between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). Time sheets must be faxed to the payroll department at 888-472-2329, or emailed to your recruiter. Faxed copies of your time sheets will be accepted as originals if they are legible. If you fax your time sheets PLEASE make sure that your time sheets are received. You must call and ask for the payroll department at 888-299-9800 for verification. Time sheets may not be faxed to any other number.

How do I fill out time sheets?

You must take your time sheet with you when reporting to work. At the end of each shift worked, fill out the time sheet completely and accurately, and then have a shift supervisor sign the time sheet. A valid, signed time sheet is your proof that you did in fact work the assigned shift, at the assigned facility, on the assigned date. The time sheet is the document that determines your pay. Make sure it is properly filled out and signed. Use a new time sheet for each facility. You may use one time sheet for each specialty/floor at each facility worked. Please take the time to fill out your time sheets completely and accurately. The following explanation may help.


  1. Employee Name Your full, legal name.
  2. Week Ending Date The pay period ending day (this should always be a Saturday).
  3. Client's Name The full name of the facility where you worked.
  4. Job Title Circle the job title that is appropriate: RN, LPN, ST. Write in titles not available for selection.
  5. Assignment Type Circle the appropriate assignment type: Contract, Per-diem
  6. Month / Day Please put the month and day worked under the title of the day.
  7. Unit The unit floor in which you worked.
  8. Start Time The exact military time.
  9. Meal Break The exact amount of time you took for a break. If no break was taken (No lunch or “0”) must be entered and initialed by a supervisor. Do not assume a lunch not taken will be paid. You must have authorization to receive payment.
  10. Finish Time The exact military time of your shift end.
  11. Employee Signature You must sign your time sheet.
  12. Authorized Client Approval Signature of person authorized to approve shift worked. This should be done at the end of each shift.
  13. Total Hours You must make sure that you total the hours daily and also at the end of the work week.
  14. Authorized Client Signature The supervisor or charge person must verify that the time is correct and that you are the person who worked. An unsigned time sheet will not be paid. Call the office if you are unable to obtain the facility signature.

If you need help filling out your time sheets, call the office 888-299-9800 for assistance.

What if there is an error in my paycheck?

It is Health Providers Choice policy that you are paid fairly, accurately, and timely. If you believe that your paycheck has an error, please contact the payroll department immediately. The payroll staff will immediately investigate and make a determination as to what action to take. If the error is the fault of Health Providers Choice, we will remedy it as soon as possible (in most cases immediately). If Health Providers Choice did not cause the error, it may be corrected on the next paycheck after the issue is resolved. Payroll issues or questions may be discussed only with the payroll department. Recruiters cannot assist you with specific payroll issues.

What incentive programs do you offer?

Health Providers Choice launched HPC Rewards in 2018 as a way to recognize and reward our employees for adherence to our Core Values. Visit our HPC Rewards page (hyperlink to page on website) for more information on the program.