Can I go to work for the facility at the end of my travel assignment?

Health Providers Choice is dedicated to providing a mutually beneficial employment relationship with all the nurses we place. This being said, it is expected that disclosure of the intent to go permanent occurs prior to contracting with the facility as a traveler. Health Providers Choice can contract travelers on a temp-to-perm assignment. If the assignment is temporary, the expectation is that permanent placement will only be an option 90 days after the end of the assignment. Please discuss options for permanent placement with your recruiter.

Can I cancel or quit an assignment?

Not without incurring costs for yourself. If you cancel a scheduled work assignment prematurely or the facility cancels based on your failure to meet the screening, credentialing, or performance requirements, you may be responsible for costs incurred by Health Providers Choice as a result of cancellation.

What should I wear to work on my travel assignment?

If you are unsure of what to wear you are always safe in a white uniform with a white lab jacket. Scrubs are always acceptable; however, some facilities require a specific color. Check with your recruiter for specific details.

Present a neat appearance. Go to work in a clean, well-fitting uniform, with a groomed appearance. Remember to keep your hair brushed and pulled back if it is long. Clean shoes are a must. Wear socks of hose and low-heeled shoes with rubber soles and a heel. All visible body piercing and tattoos should be covered. You may only wear one earring per ear.

State law requires that all persons working in the medical field must wear a name badge or insignia while on duty. The badge must identify the classification that each person holds. You must wear Health Providers Choice or the facility name badge to work. Many of the facilities will require that you wear their badge and use it to punch in and out.

Can I take time off during the assignment?

Yes, provided both HPC and the facility have granted approval in advance. Please check with your recruiter for specific details concerning your schedule, hourly requirements, and housing arrangements.

Do I have to float?

As a contract professional you are required to float to any floor that needs help in a capacity in which you are proficient and qualified to work. A contract professional is considered to be of a higher caliber and quality, with the ability to work with confidence and efficiency when needed. Being flexible and considerate is critical to the success of your contract. Never take on an assignment that you feel is outside the scope of your practice. If you are asked to do something you are uncomfortable with, step away and contact Rose Torrento, the Chief Nursing Officer at Health Providers Choice. The CNO is available 24/7 to assist you with clinical issues that may arise, and advocate on your behalf when needed.

What if I need to make schedule changes?

Should you desire to change the agreed upon schedule, you must request it in writing to the facility and Health Providers Choice no less than seven (7) days prior to such change. The facility has the final decision regarding approval.

How do I get my out-of-state license for travel assignments?

One of the benefits of traveling for Health Providers Choice is that we reimburse the full amount for your license. You must supply us with an accurate receipt for reimbursement, either a receipt with the state board seal or the cancelled check, and you must supply us with a copy of the license. You must maintain you license as current, active and in good-standing status prior to starting your contract, and during any work assignment.


Before you begin your assignment, we will need an update on the status of your license. You must have a current, valid license and current certificates (BLS, ACLS, etc.) in order to work. All this information will be kept in your file and must be complete prior to beginning any assignment. If you have any problems obtaining a license, please call us. We’ll be glad to help! Processing the license will vary from state to state and can take up to eight (8) weeks. To avoid delays, it is very important that you complete the application for endorsement immediately upon assignment consideration.


State law requires that you do not present yourself as a registered nurse (RN), graduate nurse, trained nurse or nurse anesthetist until you have the state license endorsement. This means you cannot use any title, sign, card, or device to indicate that you are qualified to practice nursing, unless you have been licensed or certified by endorsement in that particular state. For example, do not wear your name badge when you are turning in your application to the state licensing board in a state in which you are not licensed because you could be in violation of that state’s law.


NOTE: Health Providers Choice will reimburse you for the license and assist you, but you are ultimately responsible for all your licensing requirements and for maintaining all necessary licenses.

What do I do if I need to contact someone after hours?

We have a 24/7 on-call line so that you can always reach an HPC employee after hours, even on weekends and holidays. The on-call line is managed by our experienced recruiters, so you can be sure that any concerns you have will be addressed properly.