Have you heard about our referral program?

You do not have to be an employee of Health providers choice to refer:

If the candidate you refer is accepted for a 13-week contract you will receive $250 per each of the first four 13-week contracts your referral completes—a possible $1,000 per referral of a candidate.

If you refer a candidate while employed by Health Providers Choice, continue to work during the time of your referrals assignment, and if both of you are still working when the bonus is eligible for pay out, you will receive double the referral bonus. This means you would receive $500 per 13-week contract completed—a possible $2,000 per referral of a candidate.

**This begins for referrals made after Aug. 31, 2013 (any referrals made before this time will not be eligible for a double referral bonus).

Eligibility for referral bonus:
  1. Your full name must be listed as the source of referral on the initial application of the candidate you’re referring.
  2. The referred must accept and complete a 13-week assignment consisting of either a 36-hour contract per week equaling 468 hours or a 40-hour contract per week equaling 520 hours.
  3. If a shorter-term assignment is accepted and completed by your referral, you may still collect a bonus if they continue to work with the same facility on consecutive assignments, obtaining 468 hours for a 12 hour position or 520 hours for an 8/10 hour position at that same facility.
  4. You will not receive a referral bonus if your referral takes a per diem assignment or an assignment less than 13-weeks unless they meet the above requirements of 1 & 2 or 1 & 3
  5. All required hours within the contract of the referred must be fulfilled in order to be paid out for a referral bonus.
  6. All payments must be made on the assignment before a bonus is paid out.

Once the contract is closed and all the above requirements are met the bonus will be paid to the referrer.

*This process may take up to 4 weeks following the completion of the assignment.

Contact Health Providers Choice for more information: (888) 299-9800