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Documents and Forms for a Travel NurseFind out more about the employment requirements for healthcare professionals.

Items needed to begin travel nursing:

  • Copies of state nursing licenses (front and back, no originals)
  • Certifications (copies of BCLS card by the American Heart Association, and any further certifications needed based on specialty – PALS, ACLS, NALS, etc.) (front and back) copies of the cards and the nurses or healthcare professionals need to be sure that they have signed them.
  • Personal documents (copies of Social Security card, driver’s license and résumé, letters of reference)
  • I9 form
  • W4 form
  • State tax form
  • Vaccination records (immunizations required—rubella, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B and C, measles, mumps and an annual flu vaccine or titers showing immunity)
  • A physician statement (completed every year)
  • Respirator fit test
  • Annual TB test: If TB test is positive then documentation of a clear chest x-ray is needed. The chest x-ray is usually good for two years, but some facilities have different time frames for completing the chest x-ray.
  • Tdap vaccine—many hospitals are now requiring this.
  • Skills Check List/Assessments