Travel Nurses are Invaluable After Natural Disasters

Written by Rose Torrento on Thursday, January 16, 2020 Posted in On the Job

natural disastersCalifornia wildfires. Midwestern blizzards. Gulf Coast hurricanes. Natural disasters are diverse and ever-present. When natural disasters strike, they can have devastating effects for the individuals and families in the area impacted. From emotional distress to varying levels of injury, or even death, natural disasters can take a heavy toll. During these times, there’s a call for qualified medical professionals to assist, and travel nurses are well-equipped to answer the call.

Travel nurses are ideal disaster response professionals

When a natural disaster hits, thousands of people may be displaced, injured, and in need of great assistance. Travel nurses are perfect candidates to work in these kinds of situations because they already have the skills required to stay calm and provide tremendous help to those in need.

Travel nurses have a unique work style that enables them to quickly pack and travel to an unfamiliar location, often on short notice. Travel nurses are always on the move, quickly adapting to new and changing environments. These skills give travel nurses an advantage to respond and provide help as quickly as possible.

Like most nurses, travel nurses also have the compassion and empathy required to help people experiencing significant stress or fear. Their ability to remain composed during these stressful situations, to think on their feet, and to work alongside a team of unfamiliar people all while delivering high-quality healthcare is crucial during disaster relief situations.

Why help during a disaster?

Helping during or after a natural disaster isn’t the right choice for everyone. However, there are many reasons why travel nurses should consider lending a hand if they can.

First and foremost, demand for healthcare professionals during natural disasters is extremely high. Compounding this need is the growing nursing shortage seen across the nation. Hospitals will need extra staff to handle the abnormal influx of patients during a disaster.

California and Texas are two states where the projected nursing demand is highest. Coincidentally, these two states are often affected by natural disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and even hurricanes.

Travel nurses that work in disaster relief can become better nurses overall. Some nurses may choose to get certified in disaster relief healthcare, which provides extra credentials that demonstrate their knowledge and skill. Natural disasters are inherently stressful situations that give travel nurses added experience in leadership and high-stress situations that could ultimately support their efforts during normal assignments.

Finally, aiding in disaster relief is a way to uphold dedication to providing healthcare in times of need and taking care of others. For many nurses, this is the primary reason they entered the field in the first place.

How to lend a hand

For travel nurses interested in aiding in disaster relief operations, there are many ways to help.

Volunteering through a disaster relief organization like the Red Cross or the RN Response Network is a great way to get involved. These organizations verify and dispatch nurses to places that need help the most.

Another option is to take a travel nursing assignment in an area affected by a recent disaster. Often, there will be travel positions available in high-need areas when natural disasters strike. Following a disaster, the need for quality healthcare professionals can last for months. By taking this kind of assignment, travel nurses can provide temporary assistance and make a lasting difference in an affected community.

Want to learn more about a travel nurse’s role in the event of a natural disaster? Talk with your recruiter about how to distinguish yourself as someone who can help. There’s always demand for qualified healthcare providers when disaster strikes. The next time it does, you could be one of the many answering the call for help. Contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800.

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