Nursing Podcasts to Keep You Company While You Travel

Written by Rose Torrento on Monday, April 05, 2021 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips

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Podcasting has become mainstream media since the pandemic started, and no one has benefitted more than healthcare professionals. There’s an abundance of podcasts about nursing and medicine out there right now — some informational, some entertaining, most a mixture of both. For many nurses, being able to tune in at their leisure and hear the familiar voice of a host in a format they recognize is a great comfort — especially for travel nurses, who face a change of scenery every 13 weeks or so.

Podcasts are travel nurses’ best friends

Podcasts are a great source of entertainment, but particularly for nurses who have hectic schedules. While TV or live events aren’t always accessible — especially if you’re on the road — podcasts are accessible on your smartphone, computer, or tablet and are easy to listen to on the go. They’re easy enough to pause and pick back up if you’re busy, but they are also suitable for multitasking. If you’re tired of the quiet and want something entertaining, an episode or two of your favorite podcast is perfect for your free time.

Better yet, podcasts are a lot more casual than other forms of entertainment. Podcast hosts tend to get personal, share anecdotes, and deliver a less formal production than TV or even YouTube channels might. This approach helps listeners feel more in touch with their favorite hosts, to the point where listening to a podcast helps you feel like you have friends in your ear! If your travel nursing assignment starts to feel lonely, you’ll have a familiar voice to keep you company.


Top nursing podcasts to check out

There are tons of nursing-focused podcasts available to enjoy. But where do you begin? If you’re looking for a few engaging podcasts to dip your toe in, here are a few to give a listen to:

  • Public Health on Call: Presented by Johns Hopkins University, Public Health On Call breaks down the latest healthcare news in 15-minute segments. Each podcast is narrated by public health experts and backed by science to help you stay up to date.
  • NurseSpeak: NurseSpeak is an entertaining 1-hour podcast that discusses relatable stories submitted by nurses of all specialties. Listeners can submit their own stories online to help give others a laugh or a smile before their shift.
  • Your Next Shift: Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcas‪t delivers weekly 20-minute episodes focused on improving and enjoying nursing. Listeners will gain insight into job skills, mindset shifts, and tools to help them experience a fulfilling nursing career.
  • The Nurses Station: Hosted by two nurses, The Nurses Station discusses current events in nursing and living life as a nurse. Most episodes are 1 hour long and dive into important topics in healthcare to make nurses more aware.
  • Evidence-Based Nursing: The Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN) podcast pulls from the latest nursing-related research and literature to examine how nursing can improve. Each episode is only 15 minutes long, so you can get great information quickly.
  • Science Vs: On the more lighthearted end of the spectrum, Science Vs explores all kinds of topics — not just healthcare — to separate fads and fiction from science. Nurses are sure to find some of these topics relatable and interesting!

It’s no surprise that podcasts have taken the healthcare industry by storm. They’re great for communicating information, teaching important lessons, or giving your mood a boost when you need it most — all in easily accessible, brief segments. The next time you have a free hour, check out some of these podcasts and get learning!

Podcasts are a great source of information that helps travel nurses stay up to date with the broader medical world while they’re on assignment. Your other lifeline for support, assistance, and information? Your Health Providers Choice recruiter. To connect with an advocate for your career as a travel nurse, contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800.

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