Health Providers Choice Named Highway Hypodermics 2019 #1 Travel Company

Written by Chelsea Idzior on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 Posted in HPC News

Health Providers Choice (HPC) was named #1 on the Highway Hypodermics 2019 Top Ten Travel Company List. The Top Ten Travel Company list began in 2004, when Highway Hypodermics founder Kay Slane “Epstein LaRue” began rating travel nursing agencies by the benefits they provide to healthcare professionals.Badge HighwayHypodermicsTopTen 2019

 Health Providers Choice also claimed the #1 spot on the list in 2016 and 2017, and the #2 spot in 2018. Travel nursing companies must meet three criteria to be eligible for the list: 1) must have at least 20 company evaluations completed on Highway Hypodermics, 2) must have an updated list of company benefits, and 3) must have an updated company profile on Highway Hypodermics.

HPC is proud to be named Highway Hypodermics #1 Travel Company, and to be ranked among other leading agencies in the travel healthcare industry. We are thankful to all of our travel nurses and allied health professionals who evaluated us, and made it possible for us to be consistently ranked in the top ten.