Five Reasons to Take an Assignment in a State You’ve Never Been

Written by Rose Torrento on Thursday, February 20, 2020 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips

US statesSome people have a sense of wanderlust. They’ll gladly hop a plane to wherever and make the most of their time in a brand-new place. Others need structure and planning and need to know exactly what they’re going to do and see before they go somewhere. Travel nursing takes a little bit of both. Structure is great as you get ready to serve the patient population of your new destination … but when it comes to picking that destination, there’s plenty of room for wanderlust.

Travel nursing unlocks a world of potential

When it comes time to pick a new assignment, you have a lot of choices. So, why not opt to go to a place you’ve never been before? One of the main benefits of travel nursing is the ability to travel — to explore new places, see new sights, and meet new people, all while fulfilling your passion for helping others. When you have a job like this, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunities it can present.

There are so many reasons to travel to new locations, from exploring pieces of history and learning new things to expanding your horizons and getting more comfortable with the unknown. Taking an assignment in a new state embodies the spirit of travel nursing and can offer you a world of new experiences.

Here are five great reasons to take your next assignment in a new place:

  1. Reinvigorate your nursing career: After spending a lot of time on assignment in one place, you might feel the itch to get out and try something new. You don’t need a career change to satisfy this desire — you just need a change of scenery! Take an assignment in a new place and discover how it reinvigorates your passion for nursing and the challenges that come with it.
  2. Add another destination to your list: So far in your career, you’ve probably collected a list of states you’ve visited while on assignment — keep the list growing by visiting an entirely new state. One day, you might be able to say you’ve visited them all!
  3. Get exposure to a new culture: Although traveling across the nation isn’t quite the same as visiting a new country, you’ll still be exposed to a variety of cultures and traditions that have been upheld in different parts of the country.
  4. Explore the history of our country: The United States holds a lot of history, and that history is easily accessible when you’re able to bounce from place to place every few months. Spend a year taking a “travel nursing tour” along the East Coast to learn about the country’s founding or visit other states with renowned pasts to expand your historical knowledge. 
  5. Expand your network: At every hospital you work, you’ll meet a new group of people. Traveling to new places helps create a network of friends and colleagues that stretches nationwide.

Traveling to new places on assignment offers the excitement of the unknown and the benefit of getting out of your comfort zone to help you grow as a person. Before you go, make sure you have a valid license to practice in whichever state you choose. Applying for any necessary licenses ahead of time will make the process of selecting your next assignment much easier and will help you avoid any delays in starting your new adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Jet off to Florida to spend your days off on the many beaches, or take a position in Colorado to explore mountains and valleys. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you; traveling to new places isn’t hard when you love what you do and have a good agency behind you!

Travel nursing has the power to take you just about anywhere. Are you ready to go? Health Providers Choice has open positions throughout the country, waiting for someone like you to fill them! If you’re ready to experience the unknown and put your passion for patient care to work in a place you’ve never been before, contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800.

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