5 Things You Didn’t Think of Before Bringing Your Pet on Assignment

Written by Rose Torrento on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips

nurse petsRelocating to a new city for an assignment takes a lot of planning. Factoring in how to bring your pet takes even more! You may remember to pack their favorite toys and stock up on food, but it’s hard to remember everything. There are bound to be a few obvious things you overlook in the excitement of moving. Don’t worry, though — it won’t take long for both of you to settle in comfortably.

It’s important to think about the not-so-obvious things when getting ready to relocate with your pet. Once you arrive, your focus will probably be on unpacking and getting acclimated to the new space, but you need to acclimate your pet too, as well as take care of some of those minor things that might have slipped your mind. Here are five things you may not have considered before your move.

  1. Finding a new vet — Your pet has a veterinarian they know and love back home. But when you’re in a new city or state, what will you do if your pet needs medical care? Seek out a qualified vet as soon as possible after moving so you’re prepared in case of an emergency. Make sure to take a tour and see if your pet and the vet click too.
  2. Budgeting for pet care —Moving can be expensive, and there’s a chance your budget may change depending on your pay and the cost of living in your new city. You’ll want to be sure to include the costs of caring for a pet into your budget, including food, toys, pet rent, and miscellaneous expenses.
  3. Finding a pet sitter —As a travel nurse, your schedule can get hectic and busy. This means you may not always have time to take your pet for a walk or feed them on their regular schedule. To help you with these tasks, look for a pet sitter in the neighborhood who can care for your pet while you’re away.
  4. Helping your pet adjust —It’s not just you who will need to get used to living in a new space in a new city. Your pet will need some time to adjust, as well. They may be confused and scared to be in a foreign space. To help them get more comfortable, set up your pet’s space as soon as possible, reintroducing familiar items like their bed and toys to create a “home.” Socialize your dog with other dogs in the area and create a space for your cat to hide. Also be sure to give your pet lots of attention so they know you are there with them and they’re safe.
  5. Getting your pet into a new routine — A new schedule for you might mean a new routine for your pet. Although it’s usually advised to keep a consistent schedule for your pet to help them adjust, some changes may be inevitable and will require care and patience. Once you make changes to the schedule, try to keep them as consistent as possible so your pet doesn’t get stressed.

Moving can be tough for you as well as your pets. There are so many changes and things to keep track of that it can be overwhelming, making your pet stressed in the process. It’s very important to get settled as soon as you can, even if that means moving a few days early so you have ample time to set everything up.

If you’re struggling with the move, speak with your travel nursing recruiter for assistance on getting settled.

Anxious about your next assignment? Don’t be! With your furry friend and the Health Providers Choice team on your side, you’ll always have the support you need. Contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800.

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