Bryan Idzior

Bryan Idzior

Information and Technology

888.299.9800 Ext:102 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bryan, I have known for 8 years, he is great to work with, hardworking and always available for HPC.

Carol C.

Bryan is a tech expert!  Always very helpful and willing to drop what he is doing and help anyone who needs his assistance.

Nichole G.

Bryan is very attentive when problems arise, observant and tries to pinpoint a problem before they happen he’s very sincere and considerate to everyone and will always be there if you ever need support or reinforcement.

Nina R.

Bryan is very nice and thanks for always fixing my computer when something goes wrong.

Christine S.

He is very helpful in the office when there are any IT problems and always willing to diagnose the situation.

Donna W.

Our saving grace for all of our IT problems and difficulties.  A pleasure to work with.” Carol D.

“Bryan is a great guy and is very helpful to this office. Whenever we have a computer problem Bryan is there to rescue us. I know if I have an issue I can go to Bryan and he will take care of it.

Alice A.