Rose Torrento

Rose Torrento


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Rose is the best boss I have ever worked for, she is very personal and if there are any problems she will solve them immediately.

Stephanie A.

Rose takes care of problems immediately and effectively. Very trust worthy and very outstanding. My husband and I have talked about driving all the way to Auburn Hills just to meet all of the nice, caring people.

Kenneth M.

Rose works hard and deals with a problem as soon as it arises.

Cynthia H.

Rose is very understanding, and has given me some great advice!

Annette S.

Rose is one of the best people out there. If everyone followed her you guys would have an army of recruits. She is sensational!

Jeff H.

Rose is always really honest and always does her best for me and takes care of any problems I have.

Julie F.

I love Rose!

Sherry A.

Rose is a sweetheart, she goes above and beyond! She is great! She works very hard for me.

Scott S.

I love working with Rose! The whole organization is very family oriented, everyone there makes you feel a part of that family, and they treat you so well!

Yolanda P.

Rose is very determined to use the best top value. She looks out for the best interest of her staff!

Gracie L.

Rose is always very polite and helpful when she is contacted. She always remembers that I’m out here as a LPN looking for an assignment and when there is an opening she gives me a call. Rose is super to work with, she does an amazing job.

Brenda K.