Lauren Burger

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Lauren Burger

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren has been a member of the Health Providers Choice team since 2004, and has worked in several departments within the company. She has been with HPC through many stepping stones as it grew into the organization it is today. As a Director of Talent Acquisition, she is extremely passionate about finding the perfect position for the healthcare professionals she works with.

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What people have to say about Lauren:

Lauren made my transition to HPC very easy and very positive! She's always friendly and I'm very comfortable asking her any question at any time.

Heidi D.

Awesome recruiter! Lauren has been great throughout my whole assignment. She's very supportive and always keeps in contact. I can't wait to work with her again!

Crystal G.

Always open communication

Judy C.

Lauren is professional, courteous and just an all-around nice and easy-going person to deal with. I'm lucky to have had the experience of working with her as my recruiter! Many thanks for making this process as painless as possible. :)

Kristyn B.

Always there when needed!! Checks on me frequently to make sure everything is going well!!

Tara M.

All star recruiter and even better account manager. She knows the clientele and each nurses needs.

Paul S.

Lauren's knowledge and experience in the staffing industry is a huge asset to HPC. She is always willing to help, even if it means stepping outside of her department.

Chelsea I.