Chelsea Idzior

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Chelsea Idzior

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Chelsea joined Health Providers Choice in July 2013, and recently transitioned to the Marketing Department after spending years as a recruiter. Her educational background is in writing, and she graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Chelsea loves working at HPC because of the family-like feel of the company, and the comradery of the organization.

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What people have to say about Chelsea:

Chelsea is very supportive and has always been very helpful and timely.

Mary H.

Chelsea is always nice, helpful and positive. She knows how to talk to people and has exceptional customer service skills.

Lisa F.

Chelsea is great to work next to, very friendly and nice.

Christine S.

Chelsea is a hard worker and professional in the work place.

Donna W.

I have just met Chelsea but can see by her actions she is a highly motivated young adult.

Carol D.

Marketing wiz. Has her finger on the pulse.

Paul S.

Organized and creative presentations and new marketing ideas. Always vivid and clear in emails for new marketing campaigns we launch and knowledge in recruitment.

Jason D.

My co-worker in crime! I know she will always have my back and that anything she