Carol Carter

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Carol Carter

Arizona Branch Manager

Carol has 15 years of recruitment experience, and 11 years as the Arizona Branch Manager of Health Providers Choice. Carol and her colleagues would describe her as a customer driven, enthusiastic, poised and knowledgeable professional committed to providing the very best service to our nurses and allied employees.

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What people have to say about Carol:

Carol is the best! No matter what day of the week I call or send her a massage she always answer. She's always very nice and polite.

Martha R.

Carol maintains weekly contact with me, which is an important aspect to me. Checking on my progress is most helpful in meeting the standards of the facility.

Linda W.

My recruiter, Carol Carter, is so awesome. She is always there for me and goes out of her way to make sure I am happy. She even gave me her personal phone number to make sure I could always reach her if I needed something.

Lisa G.

Carol is a great recruiter! She always did what she needed to do to make sure our dogs were able to come with us in regards to housing. That was an absolute must/deal breaker for us!

Ashley S. & Malcom S.

Carol is always there to help and answer all my questions no matter the time or day.

Lori H.

My recruiter, Carol, has been excellent and has helped me every step of the way. She contacts me enough that I know of she's there for me without being overwhelming. Any question that I've had she has answered, most of the time within the day!

Crystal M.

I love my recruiter! Carol is the best! She's always available and takes my concerns very seriously!

Mary M.

Carol Carter is amazing! She is there for me at the drop of a hat and is always checking in. She goes above and beyond!

Robert Y.

She sounds sweet and caring (and she is), but she will go to bat for her nurses!

Paul S.

Every time I talk to Carol it brightens my day! Her optimism is contagious, and she has a true desire to watch her team succeed.

Chelsea I.