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Top 3 Things to Go Over in Your Contract

Though it should be every day, Mother's Day gives us all a chance to celebrate those women who have made our lives better simply by being themselves. Celebrating Mother's Day — as we did earlier this month — brings a focus to how precious our loved ones are in our lives. Our celebrations also call into question what more we can do to keep them around us longer.

Walk the Talk: Better Teams Make for Better Work

There's no doubt about it: As a travel nurse, you've got to get good at working with lots of different kinds of people — quickly.

Destructive Nursing - The Chronic Complainer

Every nursing unit has one–the coworker who always seems to have a problem with anything and everything.

How to Approach your Boss with Issues or Requests

Even if you like your boss, confrontation with someone of higher authority usually brings with it some degree of anxiety. If you are nervous about dealing with someone in authority there are ways to successfully approach your boss with issues or requests.

Surviving the Night Shift

The graveyard shift, though preferred by many nurses, is also despised by many. It can be difficult to adjust and maintain a normal work function, finding an efficient sleep schedule and balancing a social life with work.

Five Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing

Are you a nurse who's ready for a change? You may want to consider travel nursing. With the option to see new places, meet new colleagues and enrich your nursing career, travel nursing can offer you many benefits. It's an up-and-coming career choice.

Onboarding Your Travel Nursing Staff Quickly

Travel nurses will succeed if given the proper training to do so. The process of “onboarding” takes orientation a step further, and helps a new employee assimilate to his or her teammates and the company culture.

"There's an App for That!" - Top Apps for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you're probably busy. Devices such as smartphones or tablets provide busy nurses access to important information, often in the form of applications or “apps”. Apps provide quick…

Effective Ways to Help Nurses Cope With Stress

Healthcare can be stressful. Factors including large caseloads, busy days, difficult patients and co-worker conflicts can add to the stress. It's true that a little stress can be good, helping nurses to pick up steam and gain motivation.

How to write a cover letter for travel nursing positions

Want to stand out from the travel nursing competition? A well-written cover letter makes you attractive to your potential employer and entices him or her to review your resume. This can put you “ahead of the pack” and help you land the job you're after.

Traveling with your cat or dog on assignment

Traveling with your pet by vehicle is typically easier than traveling with them by air, but is not always possible if your assignment is too far. Different pets will travel differently in vehicles; some dogs and cats are able to travel outside of their kennel while others cannot.

How nurses can prepare for an aging population

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the percentage of the country's entire population that was aged 55 and older in 2011 was 26.5 percent. That percentage is projected to increase to 31 percent of the population by 2030, according to

Packing and preparing for your travel nursing assignment

When you accept a position in travel nursing, you'll want to be prepared for all situations. This includes packing important documents and paperwork, as well as the right clothing, electronics, housewares and anything else you'll need during your stay.

Bilingual? Why a travel nursing job is a great career opportunity

Not all American patients speak English. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 47 million people in the United States have a native language other than English. All patients need the highest level of care, but this can become difficult with the presence of language barriers. How do you communicate a treatment plan or instructions for taking medication? That's where bilingual healthcare professionals—including travel nurses—take the spotlight.

How to handle difficult patients on travel assignments

As a travel nurse, your job requires you to provide the best possible care to all patients, regardless of their behavior towards you. You may encounter patients who are angry, depressed, nervous, feel a sense of entitlement or even those with personality disorders or drug and alcohol addictions. It takes planning, compassion and inner poise to prepare yourself to deal with difficult patients.

Employment health requirements for medical professionals – why?

As a nurse, you may have questions about why healthcare facilities are requiring vaccinations and tests for certain illnesses as a condition of employment. This has raised issues about the infringement of the rights of healthcare workers.

Finding the recruitment agency that works for you as a travel nurse

What are your career goals? The right recruitment agency can help you achieve them. As a travel nurse, you can advance your career by working with a recruitment agency that provides you with the job opportunities and education you're looking for. You can find a best-fit recruitment agency in just a few steps.

Nurses: We couldn’t do it without you!

Most people don't think twice about the roles of nurses and often take them for granted. If you look closer at all the things nurses do, you will see how important they are to the quality of healthcare we all receive.

Having a specialized focus as a travel nurse

A career in nursing is full of opportunity. As a nurse working in a specialized field, you'll be able to gain experience with specific patient conditions. Popular nursing specialties include labor and delivery, pediatrics, oncology and surgery; however, nurses can specialize in just about any branch of healthcare.

State licensure: What you need to know to be a travel nurse

Travel nursing has developed in response to our country's nursing shortage and has many great advantages for nurses. With travel nursing, you'll be able to grow in your nursing career through a dynamic lineup of different clinical experiences.

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