2016 Election: Health Care Edition

Written by Rose Torrento on Friday, September 23, 2016 Posted in Industry News

VotingElections are coming up… oy vey! If you’ve found yourself wading through the candidates’ positions, studying various health care reform ideas, and trying to work out how they might impact not only your patients but also your job as a nurse, you’re probably about as exhausted as we are. The issues are complex — especially when it comes to health care — and it sometimes seems like the candidates complicate them even more!

We want to help you through the confusion by providing a quick overview of policy changes that may be on the horizon.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) alternatives — There are varying levels of support for the continuance of the ACA going into 2017; several alternative ideas have been offered, which would discontinue, expand, or reorganize the program.
  • Medicare modifications — Medicare is always a hot-button topic when the election comes around, especially with the aging baby-boom generation. From changing age limitations to implementing tax credits and more, there are plenty of platforms built around modifying Medicare.
  • Changes to prescription drug costs — There seems to be overall support for reducing the cost of prescription drugs but a lack of suggestions on how to get there. Prescription costs have stolen the spotlight recently due to the EpiPen controversy. We imagine there will be others who follow suit to highlight the soaring cost of drugs.
  • General health care trends — Some upcoming health care trends, according to The Fiscal Times, will certainly be addressed as well. These include:
    1. The price of health care is increasing. This will likely continue to happen no matter which candidate is voted in; it’s a standard trend in health care.
    2. Telemedicine is becoming more important. Making an in-person visit to your doctor is not always necessary anymore.
    3. Medical-grade wearables will gain approval. Keep your eyes on Fitbit and Apple Watch, the newest technologies for maintaining health.
    4. Cybersecurity breaches are becoming a larger problem every day. Technology enables efficiency, but it also creates security issues with medical ID theft.

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