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On the Job

The Full Moon Blues: How to Handle the Extra Pressure at Work

With the next full moon just a few days away, you may already be dreading going into work Monday. Read on to find out how to handle what, for some, is the most difficult workday of the month.

Travel Nursing Fears: How to Overcome Them So You Get the Most Out of Your Job

Travel nursing is an exciting, fulfilling career, but it can come with a side of apprehension and uncertainty. With preparation, you can overcome those fears and live your best life as a travel nurse.

Travel Nurses: What to Do About a Toxic Work Culture

Toxic workplace issues can happen to anybody, but travel nurses may be particularly vulnerable to bullying. The good news is that you can take steps to protect yourself and your patients.

Who Are the Bullies?

If you haven't been bullied at some point in your life, you've likely witnessed it. Bullies exist everywhere, and even though we typically imagine schoolyard tussles among children, many professionals have experienced similar situations in their day-to-day jobs — especially nurses. Bullying is no longer just an issue for children; it is recognized as a problem among adults, too.

Walk the Talk: Better Teams Make for Better Work

There's no doubt about it: As a travel nurse, you've got to get good at working with lots of different kinds of people — quickly.

Destructive Nursing - The Chronic Complainer

Every nursing unit has one–the coworker who always seems to have a problem with anything and everything.

How to Approach your Boss with Issues or Requests

Even if you like your boss, confrontation with someone of higher authority usually brings with it some degree of anxiety. If you are nervous about dealing with someone in authority there are ways to successfully approach your boss with issues or requests.

Surviving the Night Shift

The graveyard shift, though preferred by many nurses, is also despised by many. It can be difficult to adjust and maintain a normal work function, finding an efficient sleep schedule and balancing a social life with work.

Staying Safe on Assignment

Our nurses are our number one priority! That's why it's imperative for you to stay safe on assignment—through everyday safety and personal health practices.

Holiday woes on assignment: How to stay connected

As a travel nurse, it's important to plan for the holidays. Your nursing recruiter is a valuable source for recommendations during the holiday season. If you plan to take personal time to travel home, it's important to contact your recruiter well in advance of the holidays and discuss your options.

Traveling with your cat or dog on assignment

Traveling with your pet by vehicle is typically easier than traveling with them by air, but is not always possible if your assignment is too far. Different pets will travel differently in vehicles; some dogs and cats are able to travel outside of their kennel while others cannot.

How to handle difficult patients on travel assignments

As a travel nurse, your job requires you to provide the best possible care to all patients, regardless of their behavior towards you. You may encounter patients who are angry, depressed, nervous, feel a sense of entitlement or even those with personality disorders or drug and alcohol addictions. It takes planning, compassion and inner poise to prepare yourself to deal with difficult patients.

Don't let EHRs decrease patient interaction

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, help improve the efficiency of patient care.

6 tips for connecting with new co-workers as a travel nurse

When you begin a new assignment as a traveling healthcare professional, you also have to work with new people. Naturally, the relationships you form with your new colleagues are important, as they can make your job fulfilling or frustrating.

Assignment burnout: Symptoms and prevention

Travel nursing is a demanding job and can be very stressful. Nurses often have to deal with long hours and a lot of work. Sometimes there are personnel shortages they have to deal with, along with pressures from doctors, patients and their families.

Connecting with your community as a traveler

As traveling healthcare professionals transition between assignments, they may feel a sense of loneliness and isolation at first. That's why it is important for both mental and physical health to make social connections at new assignments.

Avoiding travel assignment fallouts

As a traveling nurse, you are constantly in unfamiliar situations and places where you have to get acquainted with new people and procedures. You are new among a group of people that has probably been together for some time and who know each other well.