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Standing in the Gap: How Travel Nurses Help Combat the Health Care Talent Shortage

America’s health care talent shortage is worse than ever. Travel nurses can help alleviate the problem by meeting the most pressing needs.

The Fight Over Nurse-to-Patient Ratios Continues

Nurses rallied in Washington this past April in an effort to bring more awareness about unsafe staffing in health care. Is anything changing? Catch up on the latest developments in the fight over nurse-to-patient ratios.

Health Providers Choice: Award-Winning Staffing

The experts at Health Providers Choice (HPC) have been serving traveling health care professionals with honesty and integrity for more than a decade. And those in the industry are taking notice. See why choosing HPC for your next travel nursing assignment is a smart decision.

WannaCry: What Travel Nurses Need to Know

As a travel nurse, you need to protect yourself and your patients from computer viruses, like WannaCry. The ransomware has already affected health care offices and facilities around the world. As the virus spreads, experts fear an attack could leave doctors without critical machines while performing surgery. Learn how you can prevent the virtual virus from spreading.

Learn About the Latest in Medical Advancements for Common Conditions

Constantly on the move, travel nurses can face challenges staying on top of the latest medical developments. This brief guide will shed light on treatment innovations for some common illnesses.

What Is the State of Nursing Around the Globe?

If you’re a qualified nurse, you can practice in almost any country in the world. Your opportunities are endless!

Emerging Health Care Roles Impact Nurses

Patient advocate, nurse apprentice, as well as patient and nurse navigator roles present opportunities for trainees, new nurses, and lifelong caregivers looking for more career options. Here’s the latest on these emerging health care roles you may have not considered.

Learn About Legalized Marijuana and How It Impacts Nursing

More state governments have legalized recreational marijuana use, and it’s likely that nationwide legalization isn’t far behind. What does this mean for nurses and the patients they care for?

Nursing Burnout: Who’s Responsible and What Can You Do?

Burnout causes many nursing professionals to leave their jobs sooner than they originally intended. With a looming nursing shortage, it’s more important than ever to keep nurses in the profession. Preventing burnout is the key to increasing career length for nurses, but it can improve patient outcomes as well.

This Fight Will Be Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The race to combat drug-resistant bacteria could be coming to a head faster than health care industry leaders anticipated, but researchers are on top of the threat.

2016 Election: Health Care Edition

Learn more about some of the health care reform platforms we're hearing about as we enter this election season.

Data Sharing in Healthcare: What Does It Mean for You?

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Nurses Step Up in Flint, Michigan, Water Quality Crisis

A career in nursing can oftentimes feel exhausting, tedious, and thankless: The shifts are long, patients can be difficult, and there is very little opportunity to receive a pat on the back for taking on such a difficult job. But every now and then, a crisis reminds the world just how vital, skilled, and valuable nurses are.

Nursing and the Zika Virus

Every few years, we see another dangerous and potentially fatal disease spread panic across the world as doctors and scientists race to find a treatment or vaccine before a pandemic occurs.

The Nursing Shortage: Where Are We Now?

As the increased population ages and the Affordable Care Act takes effect, there will be a greater need for healthcare professionals. But, even as the need grows, healthcare organizations will still have to maintain quality of care and control costs.

Five Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing

Are you a nurse who's ready for a change? You may want to consider travel nursing. With the option to see new places, meet new colleagues and enrich your nursing career, travel nursing can offer you many benefits. It's an up-and-coming career choice.

How nurses can prepare for an aging population

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the percentage of the country's entire population that was aged 55 and older in 2011 was 26.5 percent. That percentage is projected to increase to 31 percent of the population by 2030, according to

Bilingual? Why a travel nursing job is a great career opportunity

Not all American patients speak English. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 47 million people in the United States have a native language other than English. All patients need the highest level of care, but this can become difficult with the presence of language barriers. How do you communicate a treatment plan or instructions for taking medication? That's where bilingual healthcare professionals—including travel nurses—take the spotlight.

Nurses: We couldn’t do it without you!

Most people don't think twice about the roles of nurses and often take them for granted. If you look closer at all the things nurses do, you will see how important they are to the quality of healthcare we all receive.

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