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Top 3 Things to Go Over in Your Contract

Though it should be every day, Mother's Day gives us all a chance to celebrate those women who have made our lives better simply by being themselves. Celebrating Mother's Day — as we did earlier this month — brings a focus to how precious our loved ones are in our lives. Our celebrations also call into question what more we can do to keep them around us longer.

Want to be a travel nurse? Here's where to start

Travel nursing is a rewarding career choice. Are you a registered nurse with a desire to see new cities, facilities and faces? You may be a perfect fit for a travel nursing position. Follow these steps to get started on the path to your first placement.

How to write a cover letter for travel nursing positions

Want to stand out from the travel nursing competition? A well-written cover letter makes you attractive to your potential employer and entices him or her to review your resume. This can put you “ahead of the pack” and help you land the job you're after.

Employment health requirements for medical professionals – why?

As a nurse, you may have questions about why healthcare facilities are requiring vaccinations and tests for certain illnesses as a condition of employment. This has raised issues about the infringement of the rights of healthcare workers.

State licensure: What you need to know to be a travel nurse

Travel nursing has developed in response to our country's nursing shortage and has many great advantages for nurses. With travel nursing, you'll be able to grow in your nursing career through a dynamic lineup of different clinical experiences.

What documents and forms are required of travel nurses?

It is critical for travel nurses to have a file of up-to-date documents and forms. Nurses have several forms they are required to send to their travel agency upon being recruited.

How should a travel nurse fill out the nursing skills assessment?

Part of applying to be a travel nurse requires filling out a nursing skills assessment. This is an assessment where nurses rate themselves on a scale to indicate how much experience they have performing particular skills.

Six interview questions to be prepared for

How your interview goes can make —or break —getting the travel-nursing job you want. It is essential that you prepare for your interview and consider the questions that you may be asked.

Travel assignment portfolio: Do you need one?

If you've worked as a travel nurse for at least one or two assignments and want to differentiate yourself from other traveling candidates, consider putting together an assignment portfolio.

Interviewing for a travel nursing job? Six tips to help you prepare

Interviews for travel nursing jobs are very similar to interviews for other nursing positions, with one major exception—you'll more than likely interview with a travel staffing service recruiter rather than someone at a hospital.

The do's and don'ts of a travel nursing resume

If you're thinking of pursuing a travel nursing career, you're going to need a resume that focuses on traveling. You don't need to revamp your current RN resume/CV entirely, but it will need some tweaking.