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Can I Break My Travel Nursing Contract? Here’s What You Should Know

Contracts help protect all parties in travel nursing assignments: the staffing agency, the health care facility, and you. Breaking a contract has repercussions far beyond you and your paycheck. Here are some things to consider when contemplating canceling a contractual agreement.

Preparing for the Next Global Pandemic

It’s not a matter of if — but when — the next pandemic will strike. Despite that dire warning, few countries are prepared to handle such an event. Is your health facility prepared? Are you?

Health Providers Choice: Award-Winning Staffing

The experts at Health Providers Choice (HPC) have been serving traveling health care professionals with honesty and integrity for more than a decade. And those in the industry are taking notice. See why choosing HPC for your next travel nursing assignment is a smart decision.

Innovations Designed to Improve Patient Care

Every day new technology emerges in health care. How can these developments benefit you?

Is There a Right Time to Become a Travel Nurse?

People in differing stages of their life can find travel nursing to be a satisfying career. What are some of the benefits for nurses across various age groups?

Nurses Make Good Companions for Traveling Seniors

What is a travel companion anyway? Learn more and see if this nursing role is right for you.

Why You Need a Mentor and How to Find One

Guidance from a more experienced travel nurse can boost your productivity, performance, and, most important, your peace of mind. A mentor may help you develop new skills, refine old ones, or provide a little advice when there's nowhere else to turn. So how do you find one? It’s almost as simple as just asking.

Travel Nurses Could Play Role in Stemming Shortage

The growing nurse shortage does not show signs of slowing down. Can travel nurses help?

How Can You Keep Your Data Safe from Hackers?

Like all professionals, nurses are susceptible to identity theft, but traveling nurses face even more vulnerabilities. Here are some tips to make sure your identity remains safe.

Learn About the Latest in Medical Advancements for Common Conditions

Constantly on the move, travel nurses can face challenges staying on top of the latest medical developments. This brief guide will shed light on treatment innovations for some common illnesses.

Considering a Slight Change? Nurses Have Many Career Options

To be competitive in the nursing field, you must develop new skill sets and obtain certifications to build on your knowledge base and make you stand out. In addition to higher salaries, what other benefits do nursing specializations and additional position options offer?

What Is the State of Nursing Around the Globe?

If you’re a qualified nurse, you can practice in almost any country in the world. Your opportunities are endless!

Emerging Health Care Roles Impact Nurses

Patient advocate, nurse apprentice, as well as patient and nurse navigator roles present opportunities for trainees, new nurses, and lifelong caregivers looking for more career options. Here’s the latest on these emerging health care roles you may have not considered.

How Can You Prevent Never Events?

As its name implies, a "never event" should never happen. Nurses are the first line of defense. Learn what you can do to prepare in advance and avoid these catastrophic health care events.

3 Common-Sense Ways to Protect Your Nursing License

Most nurses have stressful jobs, especially those who work in hospital settings. They push through tough situations day after day, work long hours, and often deal with patients who are at their worst.

Nurses and Depression: Care for the Caregiver

Nurses might be the least well cared for of the professions when you consider the rate of depression and injury and the lack of treatment sought by nurses. It time for that to change.

Learn About Legalized Marijuana and How It Impacts Nursing

More state governments have legalized recreational marijuana use, and it’s likely that nationwide legalization isn’t far behind. What does this mean for nurses and the patients they care for?

Nursing Burnout: Who’s Responsible and What Can You Do?

Burnout causes many nursing professionals to leave their jobs sooner than they originally intended. With a looming nursing shortage, it’s more important than ever to keep nurses in the profession. Preventing burnout is the key to increasing career length for nurses, but it can improve patient outcomes as well.

Improving Physician-Nurse Relationships Requires Perspective and Communication

Doctor-nurse relationships directly impact patient outcomes as well as job satisfaction and overall happiness on the job. But what can you do about them?

Employee of the Month: Carol Lehmkuhl

Travel horse? No, that’s not a typo! Meet Carol Lehmkuhl, CSTFA, our employee of the month. 
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