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What About My Mail? Managing a Physical Mailbox While You’re Away

Life as a travel nurse means planning far ahead into the future. And while you might take care of the bigger things in life, it’s often the smaller things that fall through the cracks and cause major headaches. Case in point: forgetting to handle your mail.

Keep Cost of Living in Mind as You Travel to New Locations

Cost of living varies greatly across the United States. For travel nurses, price discrepancies between expenses such as rent and groceries can be shocking. Don’t let sticker shock fool you: As the cost of goods goes up in different areas, so will your stipend.

Voting as a Travel Nurse: How to Legally Cast Your Ballot

Midterm elections are coming up fast. If you’re on assignment far away from your polling state, it’s still important to cast your ballot. Here’s everything you need to know about online voter registration and absentee ballots, so you can do your civic duty and vote this November!

Traveler Spotlight: Cherie O’Neill

A traveling health care provider’s life is more than just moving from state to state. Sometimes, life has other plans. Read Cherie O'Neill’s story of moving across the country — only to be displaced by California wildfires — and how she thrives on the adventure of being a travel surgical technologist.

Making Friends as a Travel Nurse Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Making friends is hard, but it’s even more difficult if you’re constantly moving from assignment to assignment. Check out a few tips on how to strike up a conversation and make a new friend as a travel nurse. You might find it’s easier than you thought.

Keep Your Own Health in Mind as You Help Patients Battle Through Cold and Flu Season

Just because you’re a nurse doesn’t make you immune to seasonal illnesses. In fact, you might be more at risk for contracting them. Stay vigilant this cold and flu season, and make sure you’re practicing what you preach to patients.

The Full Moon Blues: How to Handle the Extra Pressure at Work

With the next full moon just a few days away, you may already be dreading going into work Monday. Read on to find out how to handle what, for some, is the most difficult workday of the month.

Travel Nursing Fears: How to Overcome Them So You Get the Most Out of Your Job

Travel nursing is an exciting, fulfilling career, but it can come with a side of apprehension and uncertainty. With preparation, you can overcome those fears and live your best life as a travel nurse.

Beyond Words: Why Body Language Matters for Nurses

Are you saying everything you want to say? Don’t let your body language undermine your words. As a nurse, body language can make a world of difference to your patients and co-workers.

Navigating Your Housing Options as a Travel Nurse

Everyone needs a place to rest, and no one knows this truth more than travel nurses. Whether you want to take care of your living arrangements right away or remember housing as an afterthought, you’ll eventually need to figure out where you’re going to sleep at night.

Standing in the Gap: How Travel Nurses Help Combat the Health Care Talent Shortage

America’s health care talent shortage is worse than ever. Travel nurses can help alleviate the problem by meeting the most pressing needs.

Travel Nurses: What to Do About a Toxic Work Culture

Toxic workplace issues can happen to anybody, but travel nurses may be particularly vulnerable to bullying. The good news is that you can take steps to protect yourself and your patients.

Traveler Spotlight: Martha Rodriguez Isn’t Ready to Retire

Travel nursing isn’t about age; it’s about passion. Just ask Martha Rodriguez, the 65-year-old traveling operating room nurse who joined HPC in October 2017. Discover Martha’s nursing journey and why travel nursing became her career choice.

Don’t Fall for These 7 Travel Nursing Misconceptions

So you’re interested in travel nursing, but you’ve heard some not-so-great things about being a travel nurse. It’s okay to be cautious, but don’t let these seven myths stop you from experiencing the adventure and joy of being a travel nurse.

Travel Nurses and Sick Pay Laws: When It Affects You

Ten states and several cities require employers to offer paid sick leave. But how does that affect you as a travel nurse? You might be pleasantly surprised.

5 Amazing Travel Assignment Destinations for Summer

Calling all adventure seekers: Make the most of your summer and discover amazing sights in these five travel nursing assignment destinations. You can’t go wrong with any of these states, especially if you’re looking to spend more time outside.

Self-Care Tips: Staying Fit and Healthy on Assignment

When you take a travel nursing assignment, it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking you’re on a working vacation. As caretakers, it’s important nurses ensure their own health and well-being isn’t compromised by stressful work situations. Learn some tips for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle on the road.

The Fight Over Nurse-to-Patient Ratios Continues

Nurses rallied in Washington this past April in an effort to bring more awareness about unsafe staffing in health care. Is anything changing? Catch up on the latest developments in the fight over nurse-to-patient ratios.

Employee Spotlight: Deon Hemingway

Deon Hemingway wasn't always a sterile processing technician. He initially worked in the automotive industry. Learn how he got from there to health care.

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