HPC is proud to be a nurse owned, operated and run organization with 70+ years collaborative experience in healthcare staffing. Our team is made up of knowledgeable Certified Staffing Professionals who are experienced in all areas of healthcare and every phase of the employment process. Utilizing our large collaborative network of client relationships; our recruiters are able to offer fast and efficient placement. We are dedicated to being responsive and available to our professionals and maintaining compassionate and caring relationships.

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Executive Team

Rose Torrento

888.299.9800 Ext:105

John Prosser

VP Sales & Marketing
888.299.9800 Ext:104

Mike Gillet

Vice President/CFO
888.299.9800 Ext:118

Recruitment Team

Carol Carter

Arizona Branch Manager
888.299.9800 Ext:151

Jeffrey Kleckler

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager & Business Development
888.299.9800 Ext: 126

Lauren Burger

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager & Business Development
888.299.9800 Ext: 106

Matt Haack

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 119

Valentina Lulgjuraj

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 149

Now Hiring

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter

Kristina Lulgjuraj

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 112

Paul Sturr

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 115

Kathy Mullin

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 125

Vicki Masouras

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 101

Jason D’Addario

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter
888.299.9800 Ext: 122

Quality Team

Natalie Look

Administrative Manager & Business Development
888.299.9800 Ext: 123

Donna Walls

Quality Administrator
888.299.9800 Ext: 128

Cindy Peltier

Quality Administrator
888.299.9800 Ext: 109

Varee Grandberry

Quality Administrator / Notary
888.299.9800 Ext: 102

Finance Team

Nina Rozanski

Finance Administration, Accounts Receivable Analyst
888.299.9800 Ext:108

Alice Apsey

Finance Administration, Accounts Payable Analyst
888.299.9800 Ext:113

Sales & Marketing Team

Nichole Gokenbach

VP of Marketing & Sales
888.299.9800 Ext. 155

Now Hiring

Requisition Controller

Chelsea Idzior

Social Media & Marketing Specialist
888.299.9800 Ext: 111

Bryan Idzior

Information and Technology

Mascot Team


Travel Pet Safety Advisor


Travel Pet Safety Advisor