Kristina Lulgjuraj

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Kristina Lulgjuraj

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter

Kristina has been in the customer service industry for 13 years, and joined the HPC Recruitment Team in 2015. Kristina is very passionate about healthcare and values her job as a recruiter, especially the relationships she has built with her clinicians over the years.

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What people have to say about Kristina:

Being new to travel, my 1st assignment from start to finish was a little shakey. It definitely could have turned into a very terrible experience for me if it wasn't for Kristina. Her finesse, professionalism, accountability, and determination to set things right empowers & encourages me to continue my growth within HPC. Her following up and open communication is heart warming and is further testimony to her dedication and compassion. The transition from my 1st assignment on has only gotten better. Thanks HPC!! And most of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH KRISTINA!

Toshiba E.

Kristina is the best! She immediately gets to any problem or issue I have! My contract had it's bumps in the road, but Kristina took care of EVERYTHING while she was at a funeral! Talk about committed!!!! She is a very effective and efficient recruiter! She has been wonderful to work with.

Viola C.

She is insistent that you call her anytime day or night, with any issues. If she doesn't know a solution at that moment, she quickly researches and uses her resources, to give you the correct answer.

Carolyn B.

Kristina has been awesome! She has responded within minutes to any questions that I have had along the way. She has been on top of any problem that has occurred. Anything I have needed to know she tells me upfront. I appreciate her working so hard for me and she listens and has been great to work with! I know I can always count on her for anything!

Jo Ann B.

She is very on top of things and and does an awesome job in general.

Mark A.

I love my recruiter. Kristina is amazing to work with. She is an asset to the company. She will always go above and beyond. She is attentive to all my needs. There isnt anything she hasn't been able to fix immediately. She is professional yet still feels like a friend. I feel I dont have to worry about anything because she's so good at her job. It's nice not to have to worry and just do my job. Love her!

Nicole D.

Enthusiastic, driven, and caring. If there is something you need, she will make sure you get it.

Paul S.

Knows her job and is dedicated to the people she works with

Lauren B.

Kristina has a warm personality that draws people to her. This is evident in the strong relationships that she has built with her candidates, many who have been with her for years.

Chelsea I.

Kristina works very hard and goes above any beyond to offer her insight and share her experience with other team members.

Jeff K.