Kathy Mullin

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Kathy Mullin

Talent Acquisition/Recruiter

Kathy earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hillsdale College and has 20 years of professional experience. She has worked in the sales industry since 1998, and most recently in healthcare recruitment. When it comes to working for HPC, Kathy says it has been rewarding to work for an award-winning and highly ranked health care staffing agency.

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What people have to say about Kathy:

Kathy has been very helpful and patient. During my first assignment she helped guide me through the new process. I had so many questions and she took the time to answer them all.

Michael S.

Always responds quickly. My go to. Great customer service.

Deon H.

Always made sure I was happy in my position and checked to see if I need anything, really made my assignment go smoothly!

Kelly R.

She has done everything to help and support me with a somewhat difficult assignment! I have been a travel nurse for 20 years and she is the best recruiter ever!

Paula W.

I genuinely feel she does her best for my career interest. She has went out of her way to make sure I was receiving the pay I earned and she is great so far at finding me awesome assignments.

Grant N.

Knows the game in and out. She will find nurses the best job out of anyone.

Paul S.

Kathy is a hard worker, and it shows in her success. She will work tirelessly to find her candidates the right job.

Chelsea I.