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With a rising demand for qualified Registered Nurses to care for their patients, hospitals have struggled for the right strategy to provide quality care and maintain financial viability. The priority agenda items facing hospital administrators include recruitment and retention of quality staff, and optimizing budgeted dollars without exceeding them. HPC offers hospitals the opportunity to free up needed resources and allow HPC to assist with recruitment, staffing, and scheduling. Using HPC to facilitate staffing has been proven to provide cost saving in more than one cost center. Research validates HPC’s cost-saving claim.

Recent studies conducted by several benchmarking organizations indicate hospitals which provide appropriate staff levels and staff continuity experience a reduced length of stay, decreased variances, increased patient satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction, reduced managerial micromanagement, and reduced turnover and job-related injuries. Additionally, Health Providers Choice strategy reduces our clients’ human resource budget demands. HPC acts as an extension of our clients’ Human Resource department by providing recruiting, background and medical check, testing, payroll and benefits administration, Professional Liability and Workers’ Compensation for every candidate placed in a temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent position. HPC has maturity and expertise in supplemental staffing, agency facilitation, and management planning.

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