Travel Nurse Tech Toolkit: Must-Have Apps To Conquer Your Assignments

Written by Health Providers Choice on Thursday, May 16, 2024 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips


Travel nursing provides a mix of challenges and rewards. Nurses get to experience new environments, expand their skill sets, and contribute to healthcare teams across the country. But navigating the logistics of new assignments, staying connected with different teams, and maintaining clinical expertise can be demanding.

Fortunately, technology offers a wealth of tools to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and empower travel nurses to conquer their assignments. Here are a few useful apps that can make a positive impact on your life as a travel nurse.

Communication and organization

Keeping in touch with recruiters, staff, and healthcare teams is essential for a smooth travel nursing experience. The following apps can help you manage communication and stay on top of your assignments:

  • TickTick: List creation and task organization with features for prioritizing
  • Notion: Note-taking and organization to manage information and ideas
  • Signal: Free open-source messaging app known for strong privacy features
  • Trello: Free project management app with a visual kanban board for easy organization

Travel and relocation planning

Travel nurses are always on the go. It makes sense to have apps that assist you in making the most of your travel lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your life organized as you prepare for each new assignment:

  • TripIt: Comprehensive trip planning, including travel itineraries and inventories
  • Google Calendar: Free calendar app with scheduling, reminders, and Google integration
  • Airbnb: Great for identifying potential housing opportunities at your new location
  • Nextdoor: Get to know your new neighborhood while you’re on assignment

Reference and education

Travel nurses must stay up to date on the latest medical knowledge and procedures. These apps provide on-demand access to trusted resources and continuing education (CE) opportunities:

  • Medscape: A resource for looking up medications, dosages, interactions, and diseases
  • Epocrates: Mobile drug reference with medication details, interactions, and dosing
  • UpToDate Lexidrug: An app for clinical decision support and evidence-based content
  • Skyscape Medical Library: Access to nursing journals, CE courses, and news updates

Wellness and self-care

The demanding nature of travel nursing can take a toll. These apps can help you prioritize your well-being and remain healthy on the go:

  • Headspace: Offers guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and sleep sounds
  • Calm: A well-regarded app for guided meditations, sleep stories, and calming music
  • MyFitnessPal: Calorie tracker and exercise log to stay on top of your fitness
  • Eat This Much: Creates meal plans based on your dietary needs and preferences

Keeping your life organized

By embracing apps like these, travel nurses can navigate new assignments with confidence. These tools not only enhance communication and organization but also provide access to the latest medical resources and promote self-care, fostering a balance that leads to successful travel nursing experiences. If you’re headed to a new assignment, download these must-have apps and get ready to conquer your next assignment.

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