Travel Nurse Housing: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Written by Health Providers Choice on Thursday, June 06, 2024 Posted in Healthy Living


Travel nursing is one career that brings meaning to the phrase “home away from home.” Each time you sign the contract for a new assignment, you welcome the prospect of a new home for the duration of that contract. From agency-provided options to independent exploration, travel nurse housing offers a variety of possibilities, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Where you choose to live while on assignment has a significant impact on your personal and professional well-being. It’s an important choice to make — and one you’ll need to make quickly.

Agency-provided housing

New and experienced travel nurses alike often appreciate the convenience of agency-provided housing. Many agencies partner with housing providers to offer furnished apartments, studios, or even private homes that are move-in ready. These prearranged accommodations can take the stress out of finding a place to live, especially in unfamiliar locations.

The benefits go beyond convenience. Travel nurses may discover these options are more cost-effective, with the agency handling some (or all) of the housing costs as part of their compensation package.

But there can be drawbacks to consider. Agency-provided accommodations may offer limited choices. Travel nurses might have less control over the location or amenities of their housing. Lack of choice is the cost of convenience.



Finding housing independently

For travel nurses seeking more control and personalization, independent housing provides a world of possibilities. Websites like Furnished Finder, Airbnb, and Vrbo or extended-stay apartment listings offer options for fully equipped apartments that are ideal for short-term accommodations.

The advantages of independent housing are numerous. Travel nurses can choose a place that perfectly suits their preferences, from proximity to work to amenities like a gym or pet-friendliness. With some research and negotiation skills, nurses may also find independent housing that is more budget-friendly than agency-provided options.

However, travel nurses pursuing their own housing accommodations must be diligent in researching neighborhoods, vetting potential landlords, and dealing with upfront costs like security deposits and application fees. Expect to do more to get exactly what you want.

Additional factors to consider

Besides the initial choice between agency-provided or independent housing, several other factors influence a travel nurse’s decision. The primary considerations include:

  • Location: Finding housing close to your workplace will save valuable time and reduce commuting stress. Safety is also paramount, so always research the neighborhood’s reputation.
  • Budget: Housing costs can vary dramatically. Understand the budget offered by the agency (if applicable) and factor in potential additional costs associated with independent housing.
  • Furnished vs. unfurnished: Most agency-provided housing and many independent rentals come fully furnished, but some budget-conscious travelers might consider unfurnished alternatives, especially for longer assignments. While this option may involve upfront furniture rental costs, it might be offset by lower rent.
  • Pet-friendliness: For travel nurses with furry companions, pet-friendly accommodations are a must. Not all agencies and rentals allow pets, so including this requirement in your search from the beginning will save time and frustration.
  • Assignment length: The duration of your assignment can also impact your housing choices. For shorter assignments, furnished rentals might be ideal. For longer stays, unfurnished options or even house-sharing arrangements can save money.

Create your ideal living arrangement

Selecting the right housing solution is key to a fulfilling travel nursing experience. Whether you choose an agency-provided option or find your own temporary abode, ensure your living arrangements support you while you’re on assignment. By carefully considering location, budget, amenities, and personal preferences, you can transform your temporary digs into a comfortable, functional home away from home.

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