"There's an App for That!" - Top Apps for Travel Nurses

Written by Super User on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips

As a travel nurse, you're probably busy. Devices such as smartphones or tablets provide busy nurses access to important information, often in the form of applications or “apps”. Apps provide quick reference to anything from medications to anatomy, and many (though not all) are available for free. Using your mobile device, you can simply download an app and have the information at your fingertips, ready to use.

The following are popular and informative apps for travel nurses:

  • Pill Identifier. Using the physical appearance of a pill, this app identifies different medications by sight.
  • Skyscape Medical Resources. This app gives you access to a library of information about prescription drugs, diseases and symptoms, as well as clinical news and medication alerts.
  • Critical Care ACLS Guide. If you're a travel nurse working in the intensive care unit, this app may be useful if you're a travel nurse working in the intensive care unit. It includes Advanced Cardiology Life Support (ACLS) algorithms as well as other information that may come in handy for critical patient care.
  • Fast Facts for Critical Care. Based on the book by Kathy White, this app provides information on sepsis, heart failure and critical care medications, among other topics.
  • Pocket Lab Values. If you find lab values difficult to remember, this may be the app for you. Look up normal ranges, arterial blood gases (ABGs) and immunology values.
  • IDdx: Infectious Disease Queries. Use this app to find information about more than 250 different disease symptoms. Input a symptom to review a list of all potential diagnoses.
  • Symptomia. Similar to IDdx, Symptomia provides a list of potential diseases and health conditions when you select a symptom.
  • Harriet Lane Handbook. Are you a travel nurse working in pediatrics? This app provides information for treating children, such as immunization schedules or medication doses.
  • Medscape. Use this app to find breaking medical news and information about drugs and health conditions.
  • Code Happy. Take a break and improve your outlook with CodeHappy, which allows you to connect with fellow nurses for support.
  • Sleep Sounds. Your shift may have stressed you out. Relax during your break to the soothing sounds generated by this app, including wind, rain or a purring cat.
  • Nursing Central. This app is a valuable reference for nurses and includes disease, medication and test information.

Why not make life a little easier?

Apps provide useful information travel nurses can access during their shifts for a quick, convenient reference. Having the information you need right at your fingertips can help you perform your job smoothly and efficiently, possibly improving the quality of care you provide to patients.

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