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How did you get started in the nursing profession?

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nurse. Maybe it was chosen for me at birth. I’m not sure.

I remember in eighth grade, we had to interview someone we wanted to be when we grew up. I interviewed my best friend’s mom, who was a nurse. She gave me a folder with all the different kinds of nurses and degrees one could get. I gave my presentation. I received an A on that project. It took me awhile to become a nurse. Life for me wasn’t a typical life as most had. I was trying to fend for myself and taking care of my little brother at age 15. I had a rough upbringing. It just was not an ideal life.

But at age 19 I decided it was time to pursue my dreams. And that is what I did. I became the nurse I always wanted to be!!

What do you love about your position? What has kept you passionate about your career?

I love that all my patients see me and feel me holding their hand while we drift them off to sleep. It is so important to me that my patients feel that my compassion is genuine and trust that I will take care of them while in my care. It is a scary thought of having surgery. They are scared and have fear of the unknown. If they feel a sense of comfort from me and feel safe, then I know I have succeeded.

What has kept me compassionate is the human spirit. The good in people. Knowing that what I do matters in someone’s life. That my care brings many comfort and joy. A sense of peace. My patients are what keeps me compassionate.

Renee Brilla

How did you find HPC? How has HPC helped with your career?

I found HPC through a friend. I am very pleased to work for this company. I have been with a few corporations and another travel company. I will say that HPC welcomes you right away. They send a little care package to your house when you are hired. If there is an issue, there is quick follow-up and quick resolution. I’m proud to be working for them. I have been with the hospital I am working for currently for over a year through HPC. It’s been rewarding. I received a Daisy Award, which is unheard of as an agency nurse. Also received a few emails forwarded to me from my manager by the managers from other departments commending me on the care of the patients.

What advice would you give to other traveling healthcare providers?

The greatest piece of advice I could give is to NOT to get caught in the crossfire of gossip or media. REMEMBER why you became a nurse. Remember the Patients. ALWAYS remember the patients and what a difference you make in their lives. That will carry through the difficult times.

What do you think is the most important quality for a nurse to possess?

COMPASSION, EMPATHY, and an unbiased opinion. It is crucial in order to be a nurse. You have to look at every patient as a human being. Not their race, religion, or economical stature. But as a human. If you cannot do that, you cannot be a nurse. Especially a good nurse.

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Do you have a memorable experience from your nursing career that has shaped you into the nurse you are today?

I’ve been doing this a long time. There are far too many memorable moments and certain situations that have impacted my career. Let’s just say that even through COVID, I have never regretted my decision one time, nor would I change it.

Knowing that I have made people smile, gave them comfort in their time of need, healed, made laugh, etc., is all the gratitude I need. It’s what makes this profession the profession for me.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nursing is a very rewarding and self-gratifying profession if you let it be. It’s a profession that you can’t do for the money. It’s something that you are born with, I believe. It’s a profession that is selfless. You have to not mind putting others’ needs in front of your own. Only then can you succeed!!

As we celebrate National Nurses Month, Health Providers Choice wants to remind every nurse of ongoing need across the country. Contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800 to speak with a travel nursing recruiter, and let us be your advocate on the way to an exciting new career as a travel nurse. No matter where you go, or what role you play on assignment, you’ll always get the appreciation you deserve from HPC.

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