Six interview questions to be prepared for

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Six interview questions to be prepared for

How your interview goes can make —or break —getting the travel-nursing job you want. It is essential that you prepare for your interview and consider the questions that you may be asked. Your agency's recruiter may attempt to gauge your motivation, qualifications and work ethic by asking a variety of questions.

Here are six common interview questions that you should be prepared to answer:

  1. Describe your greatest job accomplishments.

Have a short story prepared that describes a challenge you faced in your career. At the conclusion of your story, focus on the benefits of your accomplishment to someone or something other than yourself. How did you help improve a facility process, enhance a patient's treatment or resolve a department issue? Your answer should highlight your qualifications, maturity and compassion for others.

  1. In your opinion, what qualities make a candidate best suited for this position?

Qualities an ideal travel-nursing candidate should possess include an even temperament, organizational skills, emotional stability and a willingness to learn new things. How might your education, job experiences, certifications and individual skills benefit your travel nursing position? Tailor a mental list to include qualities you possess.

  1. Why are you interested in this nursing assignment?

Do research beforehand about the position, the facility, its history and its contributions to the community. In your answer, describe something about the agency, position, or potential facilities that you admire. Also, help the interviewer determine whether you match the company culture—describe how your desire for job growth and past job experiences have led you to apply for this travel nursing position.

  1. What are your future career goals?

Paint yourself as someone focused on the future. Give one or two achievable, long-term career goals. Explain that travel nursing will help you achieve your goals because it lets you learn new things, develop your professional skills and maintain your flexibility in new situations.

  1. How do you handle job stress?

Travel nurses must become familiar with a new city, living situation, team and facility. On the job, they must be able to provide all patients with high-quality care, regardless of the medical situation. Demonstrate your ability to remain calm under stress by describing a past job experience and how you handled it. Use details that emphasize the stress of the situation.

  1. Why should I hire you for this travel nursing position?

At an appropriate time during your interview, ask the recruiter what challenges the facility faces. Keep this information in your back pocket. It will help you describe how your experiences or skills make you well suited to help the facility address its challenges.

With just a little preparation, you'll be ready to deliver a successful interview that will put you one step closer to your new travel-nursing job. On the day of your interview, remember to relax and smile. Confidence—like preparation—goes a long way!

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