Onboarding Your Travel Nursing Staff Quickly

Written by Super User on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Posted in Healthcare Facilities

Travel nurses will succeed if given the proper training to do so. The process of “onboarding” takes orientation a step further, and helps a new employee assimilate to his or her teammates and the company culture.

The benefits of effective onboarding

With travel nurses, job assignments are short term; so rapid onboarding is necessary. When it is completed effectively, onboarding helps a travel nurse achieve and maintain a high level of productivity:

  • It helps the new nurses feel welcome in their new facility and comfortable with their teammates.
  • It prepares nurses for their temporary nursing position, helping them to perform their job within—or beyond—expectations.

An employee's confidence and comfort level adds to free idea sharing, collaboration with teammates, positive energy and a high level of productivity. This can ultimately increase patient satisfaction and a positive reputation of your facility.

How to onboard a travel nurse quickly, but thoroughly

The first and most important step to successful onboarding of travel nurses is working hand in hand with a reputable staffing agency. A good agency develops a solid professional relationship with its staff. This helps ensure best-fit placement into travel nursing positions that match nurses' skills and experience. The agency will help take care of any paperwork and licensure concerns, as well.

In addition, the following tips can help you bring a travel nurse up to speed with his or her new assignment, quickly and efficiently:

  • Provide your new employee with everything he or she needs to know about the new facility. This includes an employee handbook and information about dress code, corporate policies, etc.
  • Supply a written productivity plan. This document should outline the travel nurse's new role and responsibilities so he or she's aware of what is expected of him or her. This provides room for the nurse to discuss concerns or potential opportunities.
  • During orientation, eliminate distractions. Make sure the new travel nurse has the undivided attention of his or her trainer. Distractions like phone calls, emails or other meetings sends the message, “You're not that important” and can kill a new employee's morale.
  • Introduce the new travel nurse to his or her co-workers. Team synergy is built when workers get along. Give the nurse some one-on-one time with each team member, to introduce his or herself and talk about how he or she might be interacting with a co-worker on the job.
  • Assign a mentor while your new nurse is becoming acclimated. Your new travel nurse will most likely have a few questions during his or her first few days on the job. Assign a co-worker that can act as his mentor, helping the nurse learn his or her new position quickly and correctly.

It's important to take the right steps when bringing a new travel nurse on board. By taking the time to effectively train and introduce new nurses, you're helping ensure the productivity of your staff and the quality of the healthcare your facility provides.

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