Nurses: We couldn’t do it without you!

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Nurses: We couldn’t do it without you!

Most people don't think twice about the roles of nurses and often take them for granted. If you look closer at all the things nurses do, you will see how important they are to the quality of healthcare we all receive.

Nurses are the people who really make the healthcare system work. There are some 2.6 million licensed, registered nurses delivering care in the American healthcare system today.

Thousands of nurses serve their country in the armed forces, caring for soldiers in the United States Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

Nurses play many different roles and are indispensable to both physicians and patients.

Nurses are service providers. Following the orders of a physician, they give medications and other treatments to patients. They also help physicians to perform certain medical procedures. If a patient is having a problem, it is often the nurse who alerts the physician.

Another role nurses play is that of auditor. They examine patients to monitor their condition and to determine if there have been any changes in their condition. Nurses also develop care plans for each patient.

Nurses play vital roles as record keepers. Since nurses are the people who spend the most time with patients, their record of a patient's condition and changes in that condition, as well as any medications given or treatments administered, is vital in keeping the physician up to date on the patient.

Nurses are also patient advocates looking out for the best interests of their patients and making sure they are getting the best care possible. If a nurse notices a problem with patient care, or some oversight, he or she has the responsibility to bring it to the attention of the physician. Nurses often catch errors and stand up for the rights of patients if they believe they are not receiving the best care possible.

Acting as a teacher is another important role of nurses. They care for patients and keep them informed about their conditions, treatments and medications they are receiving. Nurses also answer any questions patients may have about their condition and treatment. In addition, when patients are being discharged, nurses provide instructions for their continued care at home.

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