National Breast Cancer Month? What you can do to help raise awareness

Written by Super User on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted in Industry News

Every October, it's time to "think pink" for breast cancer awareness. More than 2.9 million women in the United States today have a history of breast cancer—either cancer free or currently in treatment. Our nation's oncology nurses play an important role in the care of patients suffering from breast cancer, as well as teaching women, and men, how to reduce their risk of developing the disease.  All nurses can lend a hand raising breast cancer awareness, especially for risk reduction and healthy living.

While at your travel assignment this month, help spread the word and create breast cancer awareness through the following:

  • Encourage preventive screenings. The American Cancer Society recommends a regular screening schedule for breast cancer, including mammograms, clinical breast exams and self breast exams. Remind each patient to keep up with her screening schedule based on her medical history and unique needs, as recommended by her doctor.
  • Organize or participate in a fundraising event. There's no better way to raise awareness than by getting people involved for a good cause. Gather a group of co-workers or others in your community and rally at a fundraising walk, run or bike race. Consider holding an event at your facility, such as a bake sale, cookout or basket raffle; and donate the proceeds to an organization that supports cancer research. To find nationwide events and organizations, click here.
  • Be an advocate for healthy living. Give your patients information about good nutrition and exercise. Network with other members of the care team, such as dietitians or exercise physiologists, to provide patients with additional support.
  • Practice what you preach. Set a good example for your patients and co-workers by taking good care of yourself. Eat well, and get plenty of rest and regular exercise. If you smoke or use tobacco, try quitting.
  • Wear pink during the month of October. Pink is the color associated with breast cancer awareness. Keep this      month's initiative at the forefront of everyone's mind by “going pink” a few times every week.

To learn more about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, support organizations, and research, visit their website today. Take your nursing career a step further with Health Providers Choice

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