How Agencies Can Impact Travel Nurse Assignments

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The allure of new adventures, different healthcare settings, and meaningful impacts on patients’ lives has propelled many nurses into the world of travel assignments. But how do nurses find themselves traversing the country?

Behind the scenes, travel nursing agencies play a crucial role in shaping and facilitating these assignments. Agencies act as indispensable partners, connecting nurses with opportunities across the nation. They manage logistics and offer essential support throughout the journey. As a result, your choice of travel nursing agency can significantly impact the types of assignments available to you.

The role of travel nursing agencies

Travel nursing agencies bridge the gap between pro re nata (PRN) nurses and healthcare facilities looking for short-term, contracted help. From recruiting and screening to arranging travel and housing, agencies provide a full scope of services to help travel nursing professionals reach their assignments.

Working with a travel nursing agency opens a wide range of opportunities. Nurses have access to assignments in regions and facilities that traditional staffing solutions may not offer. These agencies present professional growth and development opportunities, as well as competitive compensation packages. Agencies also can assist with relocation and housing. Leaving the logistics to an agency makes travel nursing a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Factors to consider when choosing an agency

Travel nurses looking for the right agency should evaluate several key factors. Consider the agency’s reputation and credibility, specialization and variety of assignments, compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements, support services, and compensation and benefits packages.

It’s also helpful to explore reviews and feedback from other travel nurses to gauge their experiences and satisfaction with the agency. The recruiter-nurse relationship is critical, which means an agency should have knowledgeable, empathetic support staff available to help travel nurses transition in and out of assignments.

Your travel nursing agency should feel like a partnership. It should provide resources, support, advice, and answers when you’re not sure what to do, run into a problem, or want to further your career.


How agencies impact assignment opportunities

Why is choosing the right travel nursing agency so important? In short, it directly impacts potential employment opportunities — and, in turn, income.

A reputable agency can offer desirable assignments and ongoing support to address potential challenges or conflicts. By selecting the right agency, travel nurses can unlock opportunities that perfectly fit their skills as well as their professional and financial goals.

Agencies work hard to match nurses with the best possible assignments, streamline the application and onboarding process, provide support during assignments, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. They make it possible for nurses to move from one assignment to another — no matter where the journey takes them.

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