Hiring travel nurses can help IT transition

Written by Super User on Tuesday, January 07, 2014 Posted in Healthcare Facilities

Are you preparing for an upcoming Information Technology (IT) transition? To help improve the delivery of care to patients, the United States government has issued mandates such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, and programs such as the Beacon Community Program. As part of your transition, you might be expecting a decline in productivity as your staff become accustomed to the new technology. Travel nurses can help.

Maintain a high level of patient care

Since excellent care and patient satisfaction is the goal of any healthcare facility, a smooth technological transition is critical. By staffing up during your transition period, you can help ensure the process is seamless for your patients, and that there is minimized disruption. Travel nurses can be a perfect addition to your staff during this busy time.

The benefits of travel nurses

Due to the nature of travel nursing, travel nurses are well equipped to provide the aid you need during your technology transition. Consider the following benefits of travel nurses:

  • They're well rounded. As they travel to new facilities for placement, travel nurses gain experience with the technology used at each location. In this way, they are familiar with multiple technology systems.
  • They're adaptable. Travel nurses are required to bounce around to new job placements every 13 to 26 weeks. This aspect of their career molds them into flexible workers who can easily and quickly adapt to a new working environment, new surroundings and new co-workers.
  • They're fast learners. To be adaptable, travel nurses must be able to quickly learn the requirements of each new assignment. They are fast learners who are easy to onboard for a temporary position.
  • They work well under pressure. The healthcare field can be stressful, especially when nurses are working in emergency situations or intensive care. For this reason, many travel nurses work well under pressure, and this can help your facility during its busy transition period.

Give your patients the care they expect—and deserve!

While your staff is learning the new technology, your patient care need not decrease. Consider staffing up with travel nursing support for a smooth transition to your new system.

Interested in learning more about travel nurses?

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