Finding the recruitment agency that works for you as a travel nurse

Written by Super User on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted in Travel Nurse Tips

What are your career goals? The right recruitment agency can help you achieve them. As a travel nurse, you can advance your career by working with a recruitment agency that provides you with the job opportunities and education you're looking for. You can find a best-fit recruitment agency in just a few steps. Finding the right fit A good recruitment agency is a valuable partner in your job search. Your recruiter can help you land unadvertised positions to which other travel nurses may not have access. Follow these steps to find a recruitment agency that works best for you:

  1. Choose an agency with a good reputation. Get referrals from people you know, or contact the Better Business Bureau to learn more. Look for a company that's been in business for two or more years.
  2. Determine your job needs. What type of facility would you like to work in as a travel nurse? What is your nursing specialty? Check the agency's website to make sure they offer the types of placements you're interested in.
  3. Ask about the benefits the agency offers. What types of healthcare benefits does the agency offer? Do they provide housing free of charge during your assignment? Will you be given a signing bonus? What will your salary be? You'll need to determine if the benefits the agency offers meet your requirements. 
  4. Maintain an active role. Once you've been screened by the agency, check in with your recruiter regularly. Ask when and to whom your resume has been submitted. 

Three signs you've chosen the right recruiting agency If you've done your homework, you've found a recruitment agency that will place you with rewarding travel nursing positions. The following three items are indications the agency you've chosen is both a good fit for you, and good to work for in general.

  1. They're professional. Your recruiter and other staff at the agency should be courteous, honest and straightforward. The physical location—and the company's website—should look organized and professional.
  2. Your recruiter is accessible. Your recruiter is your direct route to employment. You should be able to contact him or her by phone, email or in person. If you need to leave a message, he or she should respond to you promptly.
  3. They focus on your future. High-quality employees add to client satisfaction. That's why the best agencies will help you reach your career goals through continuing education, training opportunities and placements within your desired specialty.

It's important to find the right recruitment agency for your specific needs. When you do, you'll be rewarded with best-fit travel nursing placement that allows you to grow in your career. Health Providers Choice offers travel nurses access to extensive options for meaningful employment. Contact us today to begin working with a dedicated recruiter.

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