Connecting with fellow travel nurses on social media

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Connecting with other travel nurses can be quick and easy. By using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can chat with other nursing professionals for information, advice or job opportunities, or just to socialize. Remember to follow social media rules to maintain the professionalism of your online interactions.

The benefits of social media for travel nurses

As a travel nurse, you're frequently moving to new facilities in cities you may be unfamiliar with. Gain an edge through the experience of your fellow travel nurses within your staffing agency. Take advantage of social media for the following opportunities:

  • Getting acclimated to your new surroundings. Social media can help you locate other travel nurses who have worked—or are currently working—at your facility. They may be open to giving you travel advice or even showing you around the city.
  • Gaining professional advice. Maybe you need advice for a difficult patient situation or conflict with a co-worker. Social media provides access to the collective pool of professional knowledge supplied by your agency's nursing staff.
  • Personal interaction. Social media provides a forum for simply chatting with other people. You may feel lonely upon arrival at your new placement and interaction with like-minded individuals may provide the support you need.
  • Finding job leads. What happens after your current assignment? Check your agency's social media sites for upcoming travel nursing opportunities.

Rules to remember with social media

Of course, it's always important to be careful when posting online content. Patient confidentiality must be upheld at all times. As a rule of thumb, never post anything that you wouldn't want to appear as front-page news. Follow these tips for safe, professional online contact:

  • Speak in general terms. Never use a patient or co-worker's name, and do not refer to a time frame that might give readers an idea of whom you're referring to.
  • Do not refer to a specific facility or location you are or were working at.
  • Do not post pictures of patients to any social media site.

Network from the comfort of your computer

With social media—advice, information and camaraderie are just a mouse click away. Take advantage of budding technology to connect with other travel nursing professionals.

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