Celebrate National Nurses Month in May!

Written by Rose Torrento on Thursday, May 05, 2022 Posted in Industry News

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May is National Nurses Month, a chance for everyone to reflect on the hardworking people who deliver compassionate care across the country. Celebrating National Nurses Month is especially important this year as we strive to put the pandemic behind us and look forward to a healthier future. Take a moment to recognize and celebrate nurses and their contribution to our national health and wellness.

The origin of National Nurses Month

Most people are familiar with National Nurses Week, which is celebrated from May 6 to May 12 each year. This celebratory week was launched in 1993 by the American Nurses Association. It was designed to recognize all the hard work of every member of the nursing profession.

Though it took many years, National Nurses Week is now formally recognized by regional, state, and federal institutions. It ends on May 12, in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Special recognition days are included throughout National Nurses Week celebrations. May 8 is National Student Nurses Day, in recognition of the students who take on rigorous training to become nurses. The Wednesday that falls within National Nurses Week commemorates National School Nurses Day, and on May 12, the entire world comes together to celebrate International Nurses Day.

How to celebrate National Nurses Month

National Nurses Week paved the way for National Nurses Month. Now, we celebrate nurses the entire month of May! The expansion occurred in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, when millions of nurses toiled on the front lines to care for the ill and fight against the virus. The stress and sacrifice associated with the pandemic made recognizing critical healthcare workers more essential than ever.

Each week of the month has a special focus to shine a spotlight on the nursing profession and the variety of ways to show support. Week 1 is all about self-care, encouraging nurses to prioritize their own physical and mental well-being. Week 2 recognizes every nurse who contributes to the healthcare system. Week 3 is focused on career development and helping nurses find resources for professional growth. Week 4 is about community engagement, when nurses educate their communities about the field and advocate for their current and future colleagues.

This monthlong national celebration of nurses is critical for several reasons. It helps everyone grasp the vital role nurses play in our collective health, acknowledges their contribution, and helps the rest of us understand the support they need. It also encourages appreciation and advocacy. In the end, the whole profession — including staff, part-time, and travel nurses — benefit from everyone’s increased awareness.

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Celebrate the nurses in your life this May

Nursing is hard work. The field is always evolving to incorporate new technologies, systems, regulations, and standards. It can be both mentally and physically taxing, and challenges, like the COVID-19 crisis, add new levels of stress to an already strenuous profession. Nurses deserve recognition for everything they withstand and all they contribute to the healthcare landscape.

At Health Providers Choice, we are extremely grateful for every travel nurse in our network and the fantastic work they do every day of the year. Thank you for your unflinching commitment to patient care, your willingness to go where you are needed most, and your integrity and incredible strength during challenging times.

Nurses truly make a difference!

As we celebrate National Nurses Month, Health Providers Choice wants to remind every nurse of ongoing need across the country. Contact us online or call us today at 888-299-9800 to speak with a travel nursing recruiter, and let us be your advocate on the way to an exciting new career as a travel nurse. No matter where you go, or what role you play on assignment, you’ll always get the appreciation you deserve from HPC.

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