Bilingual? Why a travel nursing job is a great career opportunity

Written by Super User on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted in Industry News

Bilingual? Why a travel nursing job is a great career opportunity

Not all American patients speak English. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 47 million people in the United States have a native language other than English. All patients need the highest level of care, but this can become difficult with the presence of language barriers. How do you communicate a treatment plan or instructions for taking medication? That's where bilingual healthcare professionals—including travel nurses—take the spotlight.

The bilingual advantage

Nurses who speak more than one language are highly sought after in the healthcare market. As a bilingual nurse, you are integral in providing the right care to patients who speak limited English or don't speak English at all. Consider the following:

  • You can gain important firsthand information about a patient's medical history and symptoms. Often, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a translator available. However, the patient may feel more comfortable discussing personal information and symptoms directly with his or her nurse. This can help you provide the best, most appropriate patient care.
  • You can earn the patient's trust. A non-English-speaking patient may feel more comfortable around medical staff that speaks his or her native language. And a patient at ease is more likely to be friendly and cooperative, making your job easier.
  • You can help ensure the good health of the patient. It's important a patient understands his or her discharge instructions. A bilingual nurse can explain a patient's treatment plan and instructions for taking medication, helping the patient to stay healthy and avoid readmissions.
  • You can help the hospital or healthcare facility avoid legal issues. A full understanding of a patient's medical history, symptoms and unique medical concerns adds to high-quality care. This helps a facility prevent malpractice claims.

Leverage your language skills

Being bilingual is an important skill that can propel your nursing career forward. As a travel nurse, you may find less competition in the job market, helping you to hand pick the positions you want. Also, as bilingual healthcare staff is in high demand, you may be offered positions at higher wages. Most importantly, as a bilingual nurse, you'll be able to help ensure all patients receive the high-quality care they deserve. This can add to the rewarding experience of bringing healthcare to those in need.

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