3 High-Demand Specialties for NICU Travel Nurses

Written by Health Providers Choice on Thursday, April 04, 2024 Posted in On the Job


Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nursing is a demanding yet rewarding specialization. These dedicated nurses provide critical care to the tiniest and most vulnerable patients, playing a crucial role in their health and development.

Within the NICU, specific subspecialties offer even deeper levels of expertise and require qualified professionals. With a growing demand for skilled nurses and the unique flexibility provided by travel nursing, these subspecialties present exciting opportunities for experienced nurses seeking to make an impact while exploring new horizons.

If you’re looking to branch into a NICU specialty to bolster your opportunities, consider one of these career paths.

Neonatal surgical nursing

Neonatal surgical nurses are the backbone of the operating room for newborn infants. They work hand-in-hand with pediatric surgeons, assisting in complex procedures to correct birth defects like intestinal atresia or diaphragmatic hernia. Their specialized knowledge encompasses not only surgical techniques but also the intricate physiology of newborns, allowing them to provide critical care during and after surgery.

With a limited number of nurses in this area, experienced neonatal surgical travel nurses are in high demand. Rural areas in particular are in need of neonatal surgical nurses, and contract rates for these positions are some of the highest in the country.


Neonatal cardiac nursing

Neonatal cardiac nursing involves caring for newborns with congenital heart defects, a spectrum of conditions ranging from mild to life-threatening. These nurses possess a deep understanding of complex cardiac anatomy and function, enabling them to monitor vital signs, administer specialized medications, and operate intricate equipment to support fragile hearts.

Due to the critical nature of this specialty and the constant advancements in cardiac care, there’s a continuous need for travel nurses with expertise in neonatal cardiology. Their skills are invaluable in ensuring these infants receive the required care to develop into healthy toddlers and beyond.

Neonatal transport nursing

Imagine serving as a newborn’s guardian angel as they’re urgently transported to a medical facility. Neonatal transport nurses are on the front line, providing critical care and transport to high-risk newborns who require treatment at other facilities.

The expertise of these nurses goes beyond traditional bedside care. They are proficient in advanced life support measures, adept at using transport equipment, and possess the critical thinking skills to stabilize newborns during transport. The demand for neonatal transport nurses is ever increasing as healthcare systems strive to provide care during this vulnerable window for at-risk newborns.

Choosing a career dedicated to the youngest patients

By pursuing expertise in high-demand areas like neonatal surgical, cardiac, and transport nursing, travel nurses can bridge staffing gaps and ensure high-quality care for critically ill newborns across the country. If you’re a NICU nurse seeking to leverage your skills while exploring diverse healthcare settings, consider these subspecialties and embark on a rewarding journey in travel nursing.

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