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Health Providers Choice makes Inavero's 2013 Best of Staffing list

Health Providers Choice announced today it has been named to Inavero's 2013 Best of Staffing™ lists of award winners.

Assignment burnout: Symptoms and prevention

Travel nursing is a demanding job and can be very stressful. Nurses often have to deal with long hours and a lot of work. Sometimes there are personnel shortages they have to deal with, along with pressures from doctors, patients and their families.

Six interview questions to be prepared for

How your interview goes can make —or break —getting the travel-nursing job you want. It is essential that you prepare for your interview and consider the questions that you may be asked.

Travel assignment portfolio: Do you need one?

If you've worked as a travel nurse for at least one or two assignments and want to differentiate yourself from other traveling candidates, consider putting together an assignment portfolio.

Interviewing for a travel nursing job? Six tips to help you prepare

Interviews for travel nursing jobs are very similar to interviews for other nursing positions, with one major exception—you'll more than likely interview with a travel staffing service recruiter rather than someone at a hospital.

The do's and don'ts of a travel nursing resume

If you're thinking of pursuing a travel nursing career, you're going to need a resume that focuses on traveling. You don't need to revamp your current RN resume/CV entirely, but it will need some tweaking.

Connecting with your community as a traveler

As traveling healthcare professionals transition between assignments, they may feel a sense of loneliness and isolation at first. That's why it is important for both mental and physical health to make social connections at new assignments.

Avoiding travel assignment fallouts

As a traveling nurse, you are constantly in unfamiliar situations and places where you have to get acquainted with new people and procedures. You are new among a group of people that has probably been together for some time and who know each other well.

How to select a travel nursing provider as a nurse or healthcare facility

If you are a hospital or a healthcare professional, how do you choose the best travel nursing provider? What should you look for?

Taking it further: How nurses can grow from continued education

If you are looking to increase your earning power as a nurse, enhance your career and add to your job satisfaction, continuing your education can help you get there. Getting certified in a particular area can help you earn more money, add to your professional reputation and improve the quality of care for your patients.

Cross-training advantages for a traveling nurse

If you are a traveling nurse, you are probably someone who likes new experiences and someone who wants to learn and grow in your profession. There are a number of ways to do this, yet there's one way that is sometimes overlooked – cross training.

Which medical software programs should a traveling nurse be comfortable with?

These days, the electronic health record (EHR) has become the standard operating procedure at most healthcare organizations. There are a variety of different electronic platforms out there, and different facilities use different platforms, depending on their resources and their needs.

How important is customer service in healthcare?

There's a lot of conventional wisdom being exchanged today regarding the importance of providing great customer service. For example, one customer service fact states that it takes just 30 seconds for customers to form an opinion about a company.

The need for short-term healthcare personnel grows

As the increased population ages and the Affordable Care Act takes effect, there will be a greater need for healthcare professionals. But, even as the need grows, healthcare organizations will still have to maintain quality of care and control costs.

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