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Should nurses be using LinkedIn?

Is having a LinkedIn presence necessary to get a job?

Nurses: We couldn’t do it without you!

Most people don't think twice about the roles of nurses and often take them for granted. If you look closer at all the things nurses do, you will see how important they are to the quality of healthcare we all receive.

National Breast Cancer Month? What you can do to help raise awareness

Every October, it's time to "think pink" for breast cancer awareness.

Connecting with fellow travel nurses on social media

Connecting with other travel nurses can be quick and easy. By using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can chat with other nursing professionals for information, advice or job opportunities, or just to socialize. Remember to follow social media rules to maintain the professionalism of your online interactions.

Having a specialized focus as a travel nurse

A career in nursing is full of opportunity. As a nurse working in a specialized field, you'll be able to gain experience with specific patient conditions. Popular nursing specialties include labor and delivery, pediatrics, oncology and surgery; however, nurses can specialize in just about any branch of healthcare.

State licensure: What you need to know to be a travel nurse

Travel nursing has developed in response to our country's nursing shortage and has many great advantages for nurses. With travel nursing, you'll be able to grow in your nursing career through a dynamic lineup of different clinical experiences.

How to streamline your supply chain

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are faced with many challenges. To remain competitive in the eyes of consumers, a facility must continue to offer the highest quality, cutting-edge patient care. However, to do this is costly for facilities to maintain, so working within budget is a main concern. Streamlining your supply chain is a good way to address critical budgetary issues.

6 tips for connecting with new co-workers as a travel nurse

When you begin a new assignment as a traveling healthcare professional, you also have to work with new people. Naturally, the relationships you form with your new colleagues are important, as they can make your job fulfilling or frustrating.

How travel nurses can combat understaffing

Nurses are essential to any healthcare team. They play a vital role in patient care and perform important tasks such as patient observation, medication and treatment administration, and medical documentation. But with its current nursing shortage, the United States is failing to meet the growing need for nursing care, which has led to understaffing in the healthcare industry.

Understanding the role your nursing staff plays in ICD-10

Ready or not, ICD-10 is coming. By October 1, 2014, ICD-9 code sets will be replaced by ICD-10 code sets.

Unhappy in your travel assignment? Here's what to do

It happens to many travel nurses—you go an assignment and find out it's not what you hoped it would be.

What nurses need to know about the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act comes in to sharper focus as 2014 grows closer. As a nurse, you know that things could change in a big way come Jan. 1 when more people start coming in for care.

What documents and forms are required of travel nurses?

It is critical for travel nurses to have a file of up-to-date documents and forms. Nurses have several forms they are required to send to their travel agency upon being recruited.

How should a travel nurse fill out the nursing skills assessment?

Part of applying to be a travel nurse requires filling out a nursing skills assessment. This is an assessment where nurses rate themselves on a scale to indicate how much experience they have performing particular skills.

Health Providers Choice hires a new employee to the marketing department

AUBURN HILLS, MI—Health Providers Choice hired an Eastern Michigan University journalism student to their marketing department to work with the company's several social media platforms.

Health Providers Choice adds a new recruiter to their staff

AUBURN HILLS, MI—Health Providers Choice hired an RN to work on the company's team as a career placement specialist.

Health Providers Choice team member takes on a new job position

AUBURN HILLS, MI—A career placement specialist at Health Providers Choice became HPC's first director of talent acquisition.

Health Providers Choice hires a new member to their recruitment team

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.—A new career placement specialist joined the Health Providers Choice Recruitment Team beginning Sep. 3.

Performance Based Development System (PBDS) test study guide

The Performance Based Development System (PBDS) test is designed to assess how competent hospital personnel are at performing their jobs. As a travel nurse, you may at some point in your career be required to take the PBDS test. Being prepared for the PBDS assessment as a travel nurse is extremely important because if you do not pass the exam, there is a risk that your assignment could be cancelled.

Education and additional certification advances careers and increases quality of patient care

If you are looking to increase your earning power as a nurse, enhance your career and add to your job satisfaction, continuing your education can help you get there.

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