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How to Approach your Boss with Issues or Requests

Even if you like your boss, confrontation with someone of higher authority usually brings with it some degree of anxiety. If you are nervous about dealing with someone in authority there are ways to successfully approach your boss with issues or requests.

Surviving the Night Shift

The graveyard shift, though preferred by many nurses, is also despised by many. It can be difficult to adjust and maintain a normal work function, finding an efficient sleep schedule and balancing a social life with work.

Turkey chili recipe: A classic comfort food without the calories

Turkey chili is a guilt-free way to squash a comfort food craving.

Flavorful & filling veggie quesadillas

If you're in a rush to prepare a quick lunch or dinner, veggie quesadillas are a smart choice. You just load up tortillas with your favorite fillings, grill them for a few minutes and your meal is ready.

Oatmeal: How to make a delicious & nutritious breakfast

It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, you want to make sure you are eating a breakfast that has nutritional value and keeps you full.

Build-your-own chicken fajitas

Fajitas are a great lunch or dinnertime entrée because they are a build-your-own food. If you have kids or you are hosting a dinner party, you can set out an array of ingredients and allow each person to build their own fajitas.

Satisfy your pizza craving with fewer calories

Who doesn't love pizza? It comes in so many varieties and it's warm, cheesy and full of bread—it doesn't get much better than that.

Nursing-sensitive indicators: What they can tell you about your healthcare facility

The level of patient care your facility provides is imperative—it dictates your facility's financial success, as well as its reputation in the community.

Use downtime between assignments to gain experience and enhance your resume

As a travel nurse, you may find yourself with downtime between job placements. You can put your skills to good use during this time by helping others through volunteer work. Becoming a volunteer can help you open new doors within your career, and feel good about giving back to the community.

Hiring travel nurses can help IT transition

Are you preparing for an upcoming Information Technology (IT) transition?

Want to be a travel nurse? Here's where to start

Travel nursing is a rewarding career choice. Are you a registered nurse with a desire to see new cities, facilities and faces? You may be a perfect fit for a travel nursing position. Follow these steps to get started on the path to your first placement.

Five Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing

Are you a nurse who's ready for a change? You may want to consider travel nursing. With the option to see new places, meet new colleagues and enrich your nursing career, travel nursing can offer you many benefits. It's an up-and-coming career choice.

Onboarding Your Travel Nursing Staff Quickly

Travel nurses will succeed if given the proper training to do so. The process of “onboarding” takes orientation a step further, and helps a new employee assimilate to his or her teammates and the company culture.

"There's an App for That!" - Top Apps for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you're probably busy. Devices such as smartphones or tablets provide busy nurses access to important information, often in the form of applications or “apps”. Apps provide quick…

Effective Ways to Help Nurses Cope With Stress

Healthcare can be stressful. Factors including large caseloads, busy days, difficult patients and co-worker conflicts can add to the stress. It's true that a little stress can be good, helping nurses to pick up steam and gain motivation.

Staying Safe on Assignment

Our nurses are our number one priority! That's why it's imperative for you to stay safe on assignment—through everyday safety and personal health practices.

How to write a cover letter for travel nursing positions

Want to stand out from the travel nursing competition? A well-written cover letter makes you attractive to your potential employer and entices him or her to review your resume. This can put you “ahead of the pack” and help you land the job you're after.

Holiday woes on assignment: How to stay connected

As a travel nurse, it's important to plan for the holidays. Your nursing recruiter is a valuable source for recommendations during the holiday season. If you plan to take personal time to travel home, it's important to contact your recruiter well in advance of the holidays and discuss your options.

Flu season: Seven ways travel nurses can prepare

Flu season is upon us! For healthcare professionals, such as travel nurses, it's important to stay as healthy as possible during the fall and winter months. You may find yourself surrounded by patients who have come down with the flu, and your good health will allow you to provide them with high-quality care.

Traveling with your cat or dog on assignment

Traveling with your pet by vehicle is typically easier than traveling with them by air, but is not always possible if your assignment is too far. Different pets will travel differently in vehicles; some dogs and cats are able to travel outside of their kennel while others cannot.

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