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HPC Is Part of the Community

Choosing which travel nursing agency to work with can be about as easy as deciding how to order your gourmet coffee in the morning — so many choices! Your decision comes down to what you and your facility value most.

Nurses Step Up in Flint, Michigan, Water Quality Crisis

A career in nursing can oftentimes feel exhausting, tedious, and thankless: The shifts are long, patients can be difficult, and there is very little opportunity to receive a pat on the back for taking on such a difficult job. But every now and then, a crisis reminds the world just how vital, skilled, and valuable nurses are.

3 Important Details to Consider When Choosing Your Assignment

Whew! So you've finally been officially hired, you've finished the paperwork, and you're ready to make the big decision about where you're going to take your first assignment. You're excited — and you're nervous. Which option should you choose?

To the Nurses Who Keep Our Mothers Healthy

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a friend about whether or not the public school system is flawed? Whether welfare is useful? Or whether Star Trek is better than Star Wars? These are great topics for heated debates, but data often exists to support both sides of the issue — and no one really knows the true answer.

Top 3 Things to Go Over in Your Contract

Though it should be every day, Mother's Day gives us all a chance to celebrate those women who have made our lives better simply by being themselves. Celebrating Mother's Day — as we did earlier this month — brings a focus to how precious our loved ones are in our lives. Our celebrations also call into question what more we can do to keep them around us longer.

5 Steps to Combat Bullying Among Nurses

Bullying is a well-known issue across educational institutions. The news channels are consistently running stories about children who have suffered from anxiety disorders, depression, or have even died by suicide as a result of bullying. We aware of the signs, the solutions, and the potential impacts when it comes to young children. But do we recognize it when it happens to us?

Nursing and the Zika Virus

Every few years, we see another dangerous and potentially fatal disease spread panic across the world as doctors and scientists race to find a treatment or vaccine before a pandemic occurs.

Meet the No. 1 Travel Company of 2016

We at Health Providers Choice have a mission to exceed the service and quality expectations of our customers, the communities our nurses work in, the professionals we employ, and ourselves.

Attack the Issue of Drug Abuse in Healthcare

The existence of drug abuse and addiction in the U.S. isn't news. We've seen the broadcasts, read the stories on social media, and heard the rumors among family and friends. We know addiction is a widespread problem. But are we aware of the degree to which we, as nurses, are at risk?

Walk the Talk: Better Teams Make for Better Work

There's no doubt about it: As a travel nurse, you've got to get good at working with lots of different kinds of people — quickly.

Travel Nursing Is a Matter of the Heart

Like most pursuits, a career in nursing begins with a healthy passion. Men and women enter this field to make positive contributions to the world, expand their scientific studies, or simply to have opportunities to make small differences, one person at a time.

Destructive Nursing - The Chronic Complainer

Every nursing unit has one–the coworker who always seems to have a problem with anything and everything.

The Nursing Shortage: Where Are We Now?

As the increased population ages and the Affordable Care Act takes effect, there will be a greater need for healthcare professionals. But, even as the need grows, healthcare organizations will still have to maintain quality of care and control costs.

How to Approach your Boss with Issues or Requests

Even if you like your boss, confrontation with someone of higher authority usually brings with it some degree of anxiety. If you are nervous about dealing with someone in authority there are ways to successfully approach your boss with issues or requests.

Surviving the Night Shift

The graveyard shift, though preferred by many nurses, is also despised by many. It can be difficult to adjust and maintain a normal work function, finding an efficient sleep schedule and balancing a social life with work.

Turkey chili recipe: A classic comfort food without the calories

Turkey chili is a guilt-free way to squash a comfort food craving.

Flavorful & filling veggie quesadillas

If you're in a rush to prepare a quick lunch or dinner, veggie quesadillas are a smart choice. You just load up tortillas with your favorite fillings, grill them for a few minutes and your meal is ready.

Oatmeal: How to make a delicious & nutritious breakfast

It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, you want to make sure you are eating a breakfast that has nutritional value and keeps you full.

Build-your-own chicken fajitas

Fajitas are a great lunch or dinnertime entrée because they are a build-your-own food. If you have kids or you are hosting a dinner party, you can set out an array of ingredients and allow each person to build their own fajitas.

Satisfy your pizza craving with fewer calories

Who doesn't love pizza? It comes in so many varieties and it's warm, cheesy and full of bread—it doesn't get much better than that.

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